Oi lads,

i like what i see so far and im happy this looks like total war 40k!

What im missing:

  1. ship customization (guess its coming anyway?) (weapons)
  2. battlemode without victory points
  3. battlemode called survival (still 1v1 or 2vs2 but setup in meteor shower etc. and victory condition is to survive longer (or with more hp than the enemy)
  4. grand campaign a la total war series, really its a must, the design is so successfull and a lot of fun, actually the game mode that got me at last 1500hours in all total war games
  5. setup fleet points higher (or lower) or only focused on certain shipclasses etc.
  6. behemoths in pvp
  7. Need a more detailed information of the ships (different weapons and their range, rate of fire, armor/shield piercing dmg etc...) and make it a little easier to
  8. instead of having the ship presets to recruit (like in bf1 sigh) please get me the plain ship and let me setup the weapons and accessoires myself

Really like the atmosphere and the concept and i think this game has a high ceiling

Good work so far!