Feedback (Portay and skill saving, Legendary ships, Nova Canon, Re-name ships in mullti)

Hello, here is some feedback. it only me or is the portray and the skills get set back to default after every match? its very anoying, i would like it when the skills and Portray would be saved
2. in the first game i liked the opten to Re-name you ships and to set the ships options (auto engage the stance,firirng Range etz) bevor the battle.
3. in the campaign there are this huge legendary ships The Phalanx, The Vengeful spirit, macragge's honour etz, it would be a shame to not implement a Battle-option in Multiplayer and skirmish where you could have a fight between all this ship ( a Legendray mode) and more points.
4.Nova canon spam.
I hope this is the right forum for Feedback and sorry for my bad englich.
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