Just things I noticed during the first beta, and which still are present in the second one:

  1. Improve multi-display support
    I have two screens. The game pops up on the wrong one. So every time the game starts, I need to go to options, reduce resolution, changed to window mode, drag it over to the other screen, increase resolution and change to borderless window again. It's not a big annoyance, but it's a bit grating. Especially since I also have to do it after every of the still very common crashes, too.

  2. Please do not lock the campaigns behind each other
    I've played the prologue in the first Beta. I do NOT want to play it again. I've only got so many hours available to enjoy my hobbies each day, and being forced to waste two of them on a glorified tutorial is something I'd really rather avoid. Could you please just do a pop up symbol along the lines of "hey, this is your first time playing the campaign, are you sure you don't want to play the tutorial first", rather than hardlocking the campaigns?

  3. Give me a button to toggle hazard circle in the combat map
    I know I can just press... I think it was Alt? But the first thing I did every battle back in BFGA1 was to toggle on the hazards. Because I'm a tactical player and like to make a lot of use of them. And now, especially in hectic MP battles, it has happened quite a few times to me that I accidentally sent a ship just too short/just a little too far.

Oh. And not an UI suggestion, but please give me a 200 point ork battleship again? I don't care what a steaming heap of rust it is, I just really liked the idea of fielding nothing but the biggest, baddest ships. Because that's the orky way.