1. Campaign Improvement

Imperial Campaign (on hardest difficulty)- the AI will not move once they get into a capture point. This includes the AI not moving when I am launching torpedoes/firing nova cannons. This results in the campaign on the hardest difficulty being incredibly easy with a nova cannon fleet, and I can only foresee this snowballing as I get more ships (and if I want a challenge I basically have to never use AdMech). Can do this with torpedoes as well, but those are much less of "delete half the enemy AI fleet" than nova cannons are.

I am assuming this will happen in both the Necron and Tyranid campaign as well, but those factions do not have nova cannons/torpedoes.

Suggestion: If the AI has to focus on capture points, at least let them move to a part of the capture point that is not getting nova-cannoned or in the path of a torpedo.

  1. Bug-Multiplayer. Occasionally I will be unable to use maneuver skills (All ahead full, high energy turn, and wraithbone shift). This will generally start at the beginning of a match and then make those skills offline for the rest of the match (so the issue was not related to me taking engine crits or being tentacled by a Nid ship).

Where I have seen it: Every time I play Chaos in the Beta 2, one or two times playing Corsairs during the Beta 1, and once while watching a game by PartyElite (a content creator on YouTube, his Space Marine strike cruiser was unable to All Ahead Full out of a nova cannon shot, even though his combustion gauge was full and no engine crits on that particular ship).

What it looks like: combustion gauge will be full, but the buttons in question will be greyed out; this will generally affect all of my ships-line ships and escorts. The wraithbone shift button for Corsairs will also be greyed out.

I apologize but I don't know the technical specifications for when the glitches have occurred.

  1. Bug- Multiplayer

Corsair runic targeting stance does not apply the range increase of 4500 units when you select the appropriate upgrade- this has occurred every time I play corsairs and take the upgrade to boost this, so I am assuming it is not a glitch but something in the code?

  1. Quality of life- campaign

Please let us manually choose the initial fleet composition when we have fleet value over the maximum (although I can see reinforcement ships being randomized- the warp is a fickle mistress, but the option to "prioritize" certain ships as reinforcements would be welcome).