game 1 suffered from poor ui scaling for 4:3 resolution, but right now game 2 has some REALLY major problems with resolution.

i will list all of the issues i have found in the following:

1: big issue; during campaign select the ui prevents you from selecting any other difficulty besides normal

2: for some reason (i dont know if its 4:3 specific or not) having the game in windowed or borderless prevents it from being minimized.... which is quite odd

3: big issue; during campaign, the ui scaling prevents you from viewing your ressource counter/income, since its blocked by the admiral overviews

4: gamebreaking problem; if you have 4:3 resolution, shipyards dont acutally show ESCORT SHIPS for their selection: THIS MEANS DURING THE IMPERIAL MISSION REQUIRING YOU TO BUY AN ESCORT SHIP YOU GET COMPLETLY STUCK IN THE SHIPYARD SCREEN.

Since at this point the game is still in handholding tutorial mode (urgh) you are unable to perform any other actions BUT the one the mission tolds you to do, leaving you utterly crippled and even unable to OPEN THE GAME MENU... making the only possible input the classic alt f4 to close the game

since i got stuck pretty much in the tutorial of the game i cant really tell if there are more problems for 4:3 resolutions YET to be found