I would like to see a static map option, with north always being up. The way it orientates is real confusing since the minimap is too small to really get your bearings, you can never tell which way your facing.

I would also like a default off for the flashlights, I hate them, they desaturate the colour and ruin a lot of the atmosphere and arent necessary at all, I understand this is purely preference but id like to not have to constantly turn it off all the time.
Bonus points for turn off everyones in SP and MP, even if its just on my screen, I like the Ambiance.

I'd like to see ping, whether FF is on and the difficulty in the server browser and in game on a server.

I'd like to be able to invite people to someone elses server ie if i join a server (pub) in the browser i can steam them to join my game and they can drop in. I had an issue where i could see a server but my friend who lives down the way couldnt and I couldnt invite him so sorry 1/4 server, cant play with you.

I'd like to know what VSync does, is it set to 60? cos I have a 100hz GSync monitor so that would be nice.

I'd like to be able to change map, difficulty and other stuff from in game if I'm hosting. Whats the point of having a maplist if when you get to the end it'll just play the next map sequentially anyway.

I'd like the be able to start missions at my leisure. Connected to the above point the only way to not be on a timer, for example for a bathroom break, is to quit out and then rejoin since the game will just dump you in mission after some time.
Once youve started the game then you WILL deploy even though you can just walk through the portal. If this is because one player may just idle then as with the other above point, let me kick them and/or vote kick them.

Voip please.

And finally.
This is a big one, but I'd really bloody love to melee AND reload. Its silly that you have left arm/right arm but then if you do anything it cancels the reload. The apothicary has such a terrible swing that its better to just stand there and take the blows and wait for the gun to reload. Especially with how enemies block (parry) which makes melee pretty awful if you have a gun.
You know what the melee is really good for? Keeping the enemies at bay while you reload, or it would be if it didnt cancel the reload, thus making it pointless to ever swing if you have a gun.

Other than the last one these seem like small little things that just need polishing out, just a few more options here and there and we're good.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, it is appreciated.