First of all, I glad the BFG:Armada got a second iteration. Kudos!

The Good:

  • The story arc seems good, the gameplay revamp over the sector-view is great!
  • The bigger pool of ship types are always welcomed!

The notable things ("the Evil"):

  • Personally I liked more the "old" version of ship-micromanagement, where we have avatar picture of each ship captain, and the ship upgrades have been done individually. I know and understand why the ship-based management shifted toward the fleet-based management but not entirely happy with it. We are less attached the individual ships, and because the ship upkeep we are have to dismiss those "older" ships in fleets, because there is no way to exchange the ships between fleets. There is definitely need some work in this regard, but I won't say this part of the game is broken, it's have it's high points (admirals with different fractions, easier micromanagement), but it's perhaps need some clear-up and upgrade.
  • The music is mediocre at best. I just finished the Wh40K: Mechanicus and after those great musics the Armada 2 chorus feels less appealing.
  • The GUI is more modern-looking but less comprehensible or lucid than the Armada 1 GUI. I can live with that, but after several hours of playing the Armada 1 had a more user-friendly GUI...

The Bad:

  • The missions... Yea, I understand the main drive why this kind of mission used at the campaign and how the system-upgrades (mines, defense platforms, stations) work in the battle, but it's definitely will be boring after a short amount of time. At least some kind of diversity needed when no defense-platform and station.
    -The videos are horribly tearing, like played at 10 FPS. (Rig information at the end of the message)
    -I won't find the way how to reconfigure the nav-point key (left-shift in battle) it's simply not exits in the configuration menu.
    -At the shipyard we need to push the right lower button (approved? my memory tricked me), but when we scuttle a ship in these screen, it's permament?!!?

Personally I think the campaign need a month or two for clear-up and finished.

The rig:

16Gbyte of ram
AMD radeon R9 390
Windows 10 upgraded to daily level