What can be done to get more players?

Seems like the player base is slowly declining. What can this game do to recruit more players and not lose the 45 people who regularly play ranked? This is one of the best shooters I have ever played and I would hate to see it die this quickly.

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A big streamer playing it or at latest when the game is going to release on console, there will be a massive boost for the PC version as well.

First thing to do would be to properly optimize the game and correct map exploits and design issues.

Improving the performance

@smoussie I really hope you are joking but I fear that you are not..

Its not just about getting "more" players.

The game needs to bring back players and also maintain the current players. I know several people who still have some performance issues and that is why they don't play the game. Most of my performance issues are resolved and so I actually started playing the game.

The game also needs content and especially more maps. We don't have a lot of maps right now and so it can get a bit boring for the average player, while more engaged players will learn maps inside out.

Good thing is that we already know that we will get more maps and the devs will increase how well the game runs across different specs.

I also thing free weekends would be a good idea AFTER the release of some patches. By after the release I mean 2-3 weeks not when a patch is out. Patches can often cause some issues and the last thing you want new people getting a bad first impression.

I also think that putting the game (not sure if that is currently possible) to the epic launcher/store. This would also bring some new positive attention.


  1. Optimize the game so it handles lower system requirements and also runs smooth for a lot more people who have rigs within current requirements.

  2. Continue to balance the pvp, and take players like sevrawr187 seriously instead of banning them, as he have shown a lot of balancing flaws within current pvp that can not be swept under the carpet if a popular pvp long term is a goal - It may be understandable that NWI wanted him away for a while for marketing reasons if they follow up by fixing the exploits he has shown - You can equip several Molotov’s singlehandedly and block point entries while capping in some places, just an example that balancing needs more focus in the future.

  3. Several more maps that are cqb focused to get the charm of the original Insurgency. District and Ministry was awesome for pvp and created a lot of tactical options.

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Also, we'll see how the forthcoming tools for managing toxic players work. It's hard for a newcomer to stick with the game when they're constantly being trashed by their teammates for not playing up to some arbitrary standard.

introducing different game-modes that recognize and reward slower game-play would be awesome as well, i get the feeling the "mil-sim" community is staying away from this one because of the pace at which the map's and objective system reward faster game-play......and not slower. Balance it,...might increase your player base.

I just hope they optimize the pc version before they work on the console. This game doesnt perform well on pc's that far surpass the requirements.

@planetcanada No, that was joke man, don't worry 😃

I think the ban was very justified. The sensible think to do is to contact the developers about exploits and not put them on Youtube for the public to see. Another aspect is that he kept using these exploits for his personal gain. On Youtube to promote his channel (not sure if he also monetized) and also in the game to get some easy kills. It's not like he discovered a exploit, made the developers aware of it and then stopped doing it.

Fair point. I agree he could have been more subtle about it.

@smoussie Haha ok thought so but thank Allah! 🤣

I'm pretty sure he's back under a different name and he and his friends are still doing the same stuff. I kept getting put on their team a couple days ago. I don't like what they do but they are only doing what the game lets them do. Who's fault is it?

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just optimize the game
i configured the game to low graphics and i get 40-60 fps but i stutter and lag as fuck making it unplayable but when i put it on high i get less than 20 fps and it doesn't lag or stutter
what the fuck is that fix the game and optimize the game for all graphics settings especially for lowend pcs

I used to play this game in 4k with everything maxed. One of the updates ruined it and now I play in 1080 with everything on low. It looks like garbage. I really like the game so I put up with it, but I bet a lot of people just go play something else.

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I hate to say it, but as popular as battle royale is right now, you can't deny it would bring more players