Necron Campaign Bug

When you try to get to the Other Sector for Last mission ,
you cant enter it cause there is no acces/waypoint !!!

change this FOCUS

You can enter it. Your first sector, Central System has a dolmen gate, if your fleet is there you can Transfer it to the lower right System in the second sector, which has an dolmen gate too.

@androas it’s not super clear how that works though, so I would advise a tooltip explaining it once you get to that point.

I agree but then, i am just a normal Player like you.

But before it forget, i think one of the small popup tutorial messages which Clutter the screen until you start to klick them away because they are rather irritating thanks to their mass, explains it.

@androas it kind of does. An earlier pop up tells you dolmen gates let you go anywhere for one movement, but don’t say how, or that you need to be in the system and that anywhere means other places with dolmen gates.

Just as a heads up, doing so also ends the campaign, though you can reload the autosave that occurs just prior if you still want to mess around.