Imperial Navy

  • didnt play much, but feel they are in a good place

Space Marines (didnnt play, this is my friend's response)

  • like usual space marine guns outside of the bombardment cannon are incredibly lack luster but their ships are heavily armored and most of their DPS comes from boarding, aircraft and boarding torpedoes


  • Nothing wrong, Nova spam is strong, but that is the point and they give up some stuff for it


  • fun to play, dont see any issues game-play wise.
  • love how much subfactions can change their visuals, wish sub factions for other races changed the look as drastically
  • world eater's plague cloud (like 'nid sporeswarm/shield) looks ugly up close


  • Didn't try


  • not defensive enough to justify their slower speed, lost 3/3 games played


  • one of my favorites, very powerful but also very soft.
  • venom bomb should not be unlimited use
  • impalers are cool but only having one shot with them makes them very hard to choose


  • Didnt try


  • too fast and too powerful, makes me feel 'dirty' playing them
  • rush is too powerful for such a short cooldown, needs longer cooldown, nerfed, and/or break stealth
  • boarding, while obviously should be powerful, feels too powerful, it is overwhelming and kills too fast
  • amazing models visually, though up close the spore/shield swarm looks cluttered
  • turrets tied to shields is very annoying for carrier fleets because as far as i can tell fighters cant bring down their turret numbers, it's annoying but it does add in a twist, maybe fighters bring shield down to bring turrets down, but slower than taking down turrets alone?
  • can't target engines/generators. maybe make it so that the tentacles break off as 'engines' or it slows/stops spawning of the swarm when targeting 'generator'. unless destroying the brain is more destructive than just destroying deck, was unable to test that.


  • simply not enough dps and too expensive, they are fun to play and very tanky, but tanky isnt enough when you can only field a few ships and cant output enough damage to kill the enemy fleet
  • slow but that feels intentional and i think it should stay that way
  • very few ships to select from

Protector fleet

  • not much to say, fun to play, might actually be too strong
  • i hope they dont get the upgrade that gives bombers boarding actions ( didnt level fully)

Merchant fleet

  • what i played most of
  • with their carrier focus i think they should have a boost to their fighter/bomber abilities. possibly the boarding action w/ bombers like in BFGA1, or improved dmg.
  • ships could use a little bit more DPS but not by a ton


  • feels better than BFGA1
  • income seems lacking, but that may just be due to small scale of demo
  • warp jump effect when moving ships is a nice touch
  • cant tell what mines do, if they are supposed to make it so one less fleet can jump in it doesnt work, i jumped my fleet in anyway.
  • a battle against a station is very difficult, perhaps make it a bit softer.


  • long wait time when building fleets
  • weird visual effect in loading screens where it shows a distorted frame of the last battle
  • want 2v2 to allow 1200 pts per player
  • set custom point level in skirmish?
  • future content plan idea: campaigns for other factions
  • would pay for more ships DLC but would prefer free content

good job :3