Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 is out today!


Ha! Well anyways, this sums it up quite nicely

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Thank you haveing alot of fun was going to try game with out the urgency but unable to find disable but i am loveing it still thx devs.

Is it too hard to ask for a simple slider in SKIRMISH mode so two friends can fight ai with at least more than 3 ships a piece? I appreciate that you say that you are working on a "Legendary Skirmish" mode but I was advertised bigger fleet battles. Considering this game is now "released" I feel as if I have been Lied to. Almost makes me want to refund this game.

so my main gripe with the game, is that as opposed to the last one, the Armour is way too good, to elaborate, i think it's ridiculous for a small Light cruiser to survive a whole minute and half of being under fire from 3 macro heavy Battle cruisers. The armour being too good has another problem, in that it makes players rely too much on things that ignore armour, squadrons in this case, because Bombers cause a great deal of damage and assault boats kill a lot of troops, which brings me to another point, Boarding actions are very unrealistic, by that i mean it's impossible for a few squads of troops to kill most of the crew of 5+km ship(in the prologue a ship that's been almost destroyed by chaos weaponry lost whopping 65k personnel, which even for killing machines such as Space marines seems like a ridiculous feat, given the size of the vessel they boarded), this is especially when it comes to assault boats, when 4 squadrons(from Chaos Grand cruiser, which has 4 launch bays) can kill off the entire crew of a Retribution class Battleship, simply seems absolutely preposterous, but is much easier than to chip at its hull away with conventional weaponry(which is the complete opposite of what everyone in the naval warfare attempted, because killing off all the people, even on today's destroyers is really hard, it's much much easier to make it sink or blow it up ). So what i would propose would be to model it more on previous's game boarding as in, it's more focused on causing critical damages(and damages to the hull/HP with those critical hits), rather than simply killing off the crew(not saying you should remove it, but murdering all people on a ship rather than rigging its plasma reactor to blow up and leaving, seems horribly inefficient, but obviously after suffering a lot boarding actions , the ship's performance would worsen, crew wise, but it shouldn't be instant/so easy to do). So yes, to sum up, Bringing back old Armour values(i know this was done specifically to make necrons not be fragile, but this can be compensated by having better regen, after all, best way to kill a necron was to burst it down,(nova cannons and squadrons would be great here, since they do a lot of burst damage)), so the lowest would be 25, standard would be 50 and high 75(with necrons possibly having 83, so their armour wouldn't be on par with Space Marines), Boarding should be more focused on internal damage, rather than "manpower depletion" and i think Squadrons should be a bit more like from the last game too, as in you couldn't just send them all across the map(same with fighters, have them fly around your ship, guarding against enemy bombers, assault boats, rather than a cannon fodder to clear out enemy defence turrets(and this is coming from a chaos player, who extensively uses Squadrons)). That's about it, but if nothing else, the Armour really needs a rework, because right now, the gameplay is really really slow and your conventional weapons feel really lackluster, especially when ships can just keep getting pounded and pounded without much actually happening, just slowly chipping down their hull(which goes back to the point about resorting to non-standard weapons like squadrons, boarding and things like nova cannons). Thanks in advance for your response

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Never played the first game. Somehow had videos of the 1st/2nd beta pop up on YouTubs, and it seemed like something right up my alley, despite me not really being into the 40K setting or naval combat to begin with.

Now I wonder in desperation to where my last week had gone, and why "bring engines to full, fire all broadsides" is the first thought that crosses my mind after waking up.

In all seriousness, the release version has been pretty rough around the edges, but even in such a state, I've gotten several times over the purchase price worth of enjoyment out of it. Hoping that the next campaign to be released is spess elfs, since (perhaps masochistically) I really enjoyed playing Corsairs towards the tail end of the second Beta.