My game has suddenly started crashing constantly

I've happily played 224 hours of Blood Bowl 2 without a single problem. Then, yesterday, somebody conceded a game against me and it immediately crashed to desktop, with this error message stating that I needed to update my graphics card drivers.

Naturally, I made sure they were patched up and re-started the game. Now, every one or two turns, the game crashes to desktop, showing me the same error message.

Just to clarify, I have never experienced a single issue with BB2 in my entire life until yesterday.

I'm confident my drivers are now up to date, so I thought it might be an issue with the game's files. I verified the integrity of the cache, but that doesn't seem to have helped at all. I've also completely re-installed the game, to no avail.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? Any tips or tricks on dealing with it?

My PC is pretty beefy and really shouldn't have any trouble running BB2 at all. I have a GTX770, 16GB of RAM and a quad-core i5 CPU.

This whole experience has completely ruined Blood Bowl for me, not to mention wrecking my season in the CCL. I've done everything I can think of, even taking my entire PC apart and putting it back together again. I just don't know what else I can do.

Bungeeman - sorry to hear that you are also experiencing what I have been experiencing. I play on a very low end laptop and thought it might be related [though 300+ previous hours with no issues] however if you are having problems with your specs...

Sadly I have no solution, I just reconnect to the match ASAP.

Using the OpenGl launcher did not help me either.

Shame I cannot be of any help!

I have the same problem. Tried 3 different graphic card (much more performing). Problems only with this game (I have more than 20 and much more demanding).

It works only with the integrated APU graphic chip... The less performing..

I tried many different solutions..