[Resolved] Your connection to the host has been lost

I'm constantly losing my connection to the servers via match making with this error being thrown. It seems to fluctuate with how frequent it happens. Sometimes none at all, other times the game is unplayable and I have to come back a try again after a while.

I emailed customer support twice and haven't heard back so I am at a lost on what I can do client side.

Here is my system information report and game logs.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi there @Xentime
Sorry to hear you've run into this issue. It's something we're aware of and actively investigating, as you can see on this thread: https://steamcommunity.com/app/581320/discussions/0/1742227264190750496/

If you could please submit your logs to support@newworldinteractive.com, that would be very helpful!

Oh alright, I didn't realize that was the same issue. The error message was worded different so didn't want to assume. I'll continue sending my logs whenever I get the error.

Thanks for the response, appreciate it!