Normal Difficulty Fleet Points problem

I realized that no matter what we cannot use all our ship ( unless warp one out ) due to leadership points.
But enemies can use every one of theirs because they don't give a shit about a leadership points.
And it causes enemies, realistically, having more points than me in a battle.
Therefore it feels like playing Hard Skirmish than a normal skirmish.
I know I can just warp one out and what not, but that doesn't change the fact about enemy can just send everyone at once.

Ive seen the AI get reinforcements after i killed a few things, so thats just not true.

@karaya-1 then can you explain why I see 6 cruisers ( about 150 pts each, and chaos' points on pre-battle screen said total 1,000) coming at me when my leadership max is like 750?

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Maybe AI has a different leadership value than you? The enemy admirals that you're facing could be of a higher level than yours.

Either you have a bug, or you aren't counting up the points correctly. I've yet to encounter them rushing me with everything all at once. And there are a couple of 2000+ point fleets I am extremely glad they didn't throw at me all at once.

Agreed with the others. Unless you're seeing those six simultaneously, you're seeing the same thing all of us see, which is totally fine.

Great. Gonna have to take a picture of that bug kept me for a while....

Seems like fleet points, fleet strength(shown at the global map) and cost per ship are not neceserially the same.

@bersercker What he said.

Fleet strenght on the map takes into account levels and stuff. Its not the actual Ship points.

Yeah, this definitely isn't true. I've had various battles where the enemy was throwing more points than me, at me, but they came in waves. And I don't mean the scripted battles. I just started relying more on disengaging in the really tough fights.