Co-Op campaine post battle crashing

i have been playing the co-op campaine with a friend of mine and about 50% of the time the game will freeze in a loading screen and when it dose load it disconnects the addition player, i have had it happen once where the reconnecting additional player has crashed the host.

This has happened to me as well many times. Luckily the game saves often but it sucks after a big battle.

Same. In 70-80% battle scene loading not end to guest player while host player already in deployment phase regardless of how long you to wait. And if host player press "ready" in deployment phase - guest player instantly disconnect.

I have experienced a similar issue. Me and my brother were attempting to play the Imperium campaign but when our first battle loaded up I loaded up with a glitched view of the battle map and no UI to speak of so I was unable to interact in the fight. Worse still, my game eventually crashed and when it did my brother (the host) was given a mission failed notification. I myself got a "fatal error" message and no crash report to speak of, and before anyone asks I already looked for it as per the instructions on the forum to no avail. Here are some links to the screenshots for what my "battle" looked like.