How about making the vehicle gameplay actually interesting

I think the vehicles in this are a disappointment. How often do people even use them? And when they are used, they rarely do anything useful. It feels like part of the game, and skirmish especially, is built around vehicles. In theory, vehicles should be used to support teammates, flank enemies, and get them to the battle quicker. However, the reality is that they simply aren't used and when they are, people drive them straight at the enemy like total fucking morons before being destroyed by an RPG. The most immediate changes I propose are:

  • Different vehicle for security. I am aware of the copyright issues surrounding the Humvee, but something similar would be nice, possibly even the Spanish ripoff.

  • Revert to the old technicals where passengers could shoot out and even lean out of windows while removing the stupid bullet-proof glass they now get. The only thing I'd change about the older model is you can only lean out of the window with compact weapons, but you can still shoot out of it with whatever you want.

  • Need to reload machine gun.

  • SPG variant. Does not include shield leaving gunner much more exposed, especially during the longer reload. Maybe an M40 recoilless rifle for security and SPG-9 for insurgents?

  • Animations for mounting/dismounting vehicle.

  • New, slower but better armored vehicles for each side. Something that can carry more people than a pickup truck, resistant to .30 caliber fire, but still vulnerable to RPGs and .50 caliber rounds. These would get less spawns that pickup trucks (a bit more on that later).I think an M113 and MT-LB would be two good options, but I am open to alternatives.

Okay now while that is nice, it still doesn't solve some of the issues. To make vehicles actually interesting, NWI should create a new class that specializes with vehicles. Rather than having the trucks just spawn at the start of the match, the person with the vehicle class spawns driving one. Some options you get with this class would be:

  • Type of vehicle

  • MG, SPG, or ammo crate

  • Add-on spaced/slat armor for protection against RPGs while allowing down the vehicle considerably. Still vulnerable to .50 caliber fire as well as a well-placed RPG.

  • Something unique to each team, like Mk 19 where it's difficult to align the sights and aim and only have limited ammo, and a 23mm ZU-23 AA cannon for insurgents since insurgents may not have rockets to take down helicopters due to all the vehicles. However, while looking for a picture of a truck-mounted one, I realized that this already exists in Squad along with the MT-LB, so you may want to do something different.

  • Limited Selection for personal gear. Can only bring a pistol, grenades, and light armor.

The person with this vehicle class can then spawn that vehicle a bit behind the rest of the team when everyone respawns. However, you would get limited vehicles for each objective, maybe one or two, before you then have to spawn with your poorly-armed character. If you abandon your vehicle, anyone can get in and drive it around, you only get to spawn with them.

The point of this is that it would actually utilize the vehicles, keep vehicle usage consistent throughout the match, and due to the limited amount of spawns, encourage people to use them more conservatively as if they actually had a brain.

My SPG suggestion resurfaces! +1

Yep, that's the thing we need to make these things relevant.

Love the idea of a class which spawns with a vehicle too.

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Thank you for this suggestion! I'll pass this on to the team. 🙂

Have a nice day, both!

@chaton Thanks! Even though I don’t expect a dev team to come up with a new mechanic solely due to my suggestion, it’s still really cool to see you at least look at my suggestions and consider them.