tyranid campaign bugs and a question

it gives me + -1.234% so it ads a negative?
nice that a total is mentioned on it but i think the tooltip still needs work

jaws dont mention damage, just that they do claw damage, which makes sense because they are claws
i remember the tooltip mentioning actual numbers last beta, would be cool if that came back

tooltip says spore field deals 3 damage to enemy ships and structures but it is clearly not dealing damage to that structure
im honestly starting to doubt it deals damage at all
the slow is nice but i have never seen anything die because of it no matter how damaged
should probably be looked at and ideally be buffed as the darkmatter of the deldar is better in every possible way

😕 turns out i didnt catch it fast enough to have the scan effect on the picture
stations seem to have the scan skill and do the scan fx but they never mark or reveal anything
its just a useless fx doing nothing now i think

and lastly the question
what does the guard stance do? you can set ships in guard stance in the sector map but it doesnt seem to do anything
what is it, what does it do and why

also, spore mines you build in sectors are supposed to spread after 2 turns
do they only spread to a system without a improvement or do they not work?
as i see no mines on any other systems after 2 turns

regarding the spore field.
im playing on the imp campaign and i can say that they work like an asteroid field, where if you move they deal damage and if you dont nothing happens + you get stealth

sure is nice that this sentient and aggressive minefield behaves like a less dangerous version of pebbles floating around

@ashardalon now to be fair, those pebbles are pretty dangerous i here, especially in relation to Tyranids! I heard a relative of the Dino-bugs, the not-bug Dinos got wiped out by them long ago, which means these doom-pebbles must be a galactic tier threat. Thus, it only makes sense they do more damage, despite lacking self-motive abilities and anything resembling weapons platforms.

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you seem to have asteroids confused with their cousin meteors
totally different things

just like spore field and its distant relative the all destroying darkmatter
one is irrelevant attached to a faction that cant even be a treat in the ideal situation
the other is a totally brokenly overpowered skill attached to a faction with which you can win while afk

i can see the confusion between those two but they really are totally different things