Fast rank XP gain in Skirmish by Capitulating

It's possible to quickly gain rank XP towards unlocking new abilities/upgrades in Skirmish by repeatedly Capitulating towards the AI opponent at the start of the match, getting 50 XP at a time - considerably faster than the 100 XP one would get for a win.

Perhaps a delay timer could be put in, to still get something from a lost battle, but less viable as an exploit? (i.e. no XP for capitulating in the first 0-5 min, 25 XP for capitulating at 5-10 min, and full 50 XP at 10 min+.)

Or just give us an "I know what I'm doing just unlock all the powers" button.

@bosie Absolutely agree. New players really don't need the disadvantage of not having all the skills either...