Sometimes see players trough walls

Sometimes I see or players see me trough walls when hiding close next to a wall when they should not be able to see me that makes hiding close behind a wall imposible a part of your body will glitch through the wall hope this will be fixed

That's it the game runs great!

Hi @DutchpowerNL,

Thank you for pointing this out. Do you remember the location where this issue happend, please?

Yeah the last time it happened was on refinery in the building with the c objective when you go through the window in the room with the stairs and the corners I will make some screens hots when playing thanks for your response!

Thank you for the detail! 🙂 I'll pass it on to the team!

I've seen this happen quite a few times. The most common occurrence happens when the payer is prone next to a wall, their feet will stick through to the other side.

It basically happend everywhere that is a thin wall or structure. You often see the bag when they're crouch close to a wall or the feet if they're prone.

@rudged yeah that's what I meant and the biggest problem is when it happens when capturing a objective