Necron Meta Thread

Alright trashbots and sadcrons, this thread is dedicated to discussing how to make Necrons suck slightly less than usual, your favorite strategies, and so on. I’ll atart off with a question though, does anyone know if our skills work yet (tesseract Crypt in particular)?

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I have not had any issues with Necron skills malfunctioning, but I also only use the following 3:
Tesseract Crypt
Eldritch Bridge
Structural Analyser

I think people having issues with Tesseract Crypt are getting hit by Stance-canceling torps, or are recovering hulks which also cancels stances. Its still entirely possible there are bugs involved with it since this game is full of them.

Some good overall advice and one really good trick.

  1. Stasis Bomb and The lightning Connection ability.

Both last 20 seconds, and the lightning connection ability does 60 unmitigated damage a second. That's enough to kill a light cruiser in one go....if it all connects. Now the ship link ability hardly ever lands for long. Even the AI knows to stay away, and a player sure as hell isn't staying in it. Enter the Stasis Bomb.

Tag an area with a stasis bomb, and just as it starts to pop jump a ship to the other side of theirs. You'll get stuck in it with the enemy, unable to move. Now jump your leader ship with the lightning connect into the stasis field opposite to the first ship to jump in. All three ships are stuck unable to move for the better part of 20 seconds now, with the enemy stuck in between your two ships. Turn on the lightning connection. Also feel free to starpulse for giggles. Anything stuck in between your two ships may as well never have been fielded.

If you really, really want to be an asshole, make sure the ship you connect to is another leader who has scarab swarms. Between the scarabs, the lightning connect, the starpulse, and the incoming post stasis cannon fire, you 100-0 enemy Battleships. And you can do this three times a fight. This one actually works in MP too, albiet without the scarabs. Caught more than one uncautious IN player with it.

  1. Tips and Tricks
    Rapid fire list of things to remember:
  • Doomscythes are mediocre fighters, and mediocre bombers, but they are both. Tell them to circle around your ships and use your defensive turrets to back them up, or send them after escorts and damaged ships. While one stack won't do much, 4 of them around one ship can actually remove that ship on their own. 3-4 on one escort will actually kill an escort without needing backup, and defend themselves doing it. Finally, they also act as probes. Send them to an area and you can actually see their detection radius. All line ships have them, so basically all line ships have a built in canoptek probe.

  • Starpulse is better for defense than offense. It'll knock out fighters, torpedoes, bombers, assault boats, anything small. Double tap alt so that you can see when fighters are in range. Stagger it out so that between your ships you always have at least one Starpulse available to wreck their fighters.

  • You can fix light crits naturally, not heavy crits. The AI tend to focus on one ship at a time, as do players. If your ship starts getting damaged systems, warp out into a gas cloud and cut engines. This will also massively increase your regen if you have the nebula regen ability, and the not-moving regen upgrade. Turn on hull cauterization to regen back up in mere seconds while recouping light critical damage. Come out of the gas cloud as if they'd not hit you at all.

  • The dispersed lightning arc has great utility. You need hit only three ships with it for it to be more effective than reload stance. But your ships default to 13500 range, not the 9000 needed to make use of it. Always set your engagement distance. When your lightning arcs are upgraded to drop armor by 25, set your engagement range to the required 4500. Also, the pull ability for lightning arcs can keep opposing ships in range for the armor pen effect. Combine all three of the above for comical effectiveness against fleets that are desperate to fight at a distance or hide, like any of the three Eldar.

  • Should go without saying but only warp offensively if you have a plan. Like the lightning combo in point one. It, like most Necron abilities, is better used defensively.

  • Never underestimated Transdimensional Bolt. It has unlimited uses, it has an extremely fast Cooldown, you can aim it to hit the enemies whole fleet if lined up properly, and it does as much damage as a starpulse wave while ignoring armor and shields. It's a god send early game, able to wipe out the escorts and LC you fight against. It's also the best 2v2 ability. IT CAN HURT YOU AND YOUR ALLY, aim carefully.

  • Scarab Swarm nets you the largest overall benefit to any of the Necron abilities, with the catch being that it's pretty easy to see coming. The game hands you Mass Recall+Scarab Swarm at the beginning though, so that ones easy. You really want to put out hurt though, warp into the center of an enemy fleet, mass recall, and then scarab swarm. Combine with all on dispersed lightning arc and the lightning arc upgrades. Kill everything they fielded that isn't bigger than a C while regenerating your own fleet.

  • Don't forget that Necrons do not suck at boarding. Even before upgrading it they have good troop efficiency. They have two leader upgrades that make it stronger and cause fires, and four upgrades to make it stronger in your tech. Their boarding abilities can hit a ship from across the map, light that ship on fire, and kill their engines all in one go. Use it.

  • Warp always points your ship in the direction needed to get to that point. Most of the time, this is annoying as sin. Necrons don't rotate quick enough so always take facing into account. That being said, you can use it to straight up run down a smaller ship without any chance of a reaction.

  • Avoid asteroid fields like the plague unless you have a leader cutting out their damage. Yea you'll regen through the damage just fine. Every second spent in there is another hull point you'll never regen again. Stay away.

  1. Campaign Advice
  • Most importantly, time is on your side. Even with the urgency gauge on. Always ALWAYS take control of as much of each sector and maximize evolution of each point of interest before you press ahead to the next main objective. Each objective resets the urgency gauge. So take your time, stock up on resources, top off your fleets, and max out your planets. You've got all the time in the world.

  • Enemy assaults take time to reach you. A lot of time if you have mines. Even so, leave your last Fleet slot open. Sometimes its quicker to build a fleet and have it react for you.

  • If the fleet is invading you from out of sector, you don't need to win. They just need to lose on points to lose everything. The first time a 2500 point Ork fleet show up in Seculus you'll be thankful for this.

  • Defense structures have fighters. Use them.

  • READ YOUR PLANETS! Some of them require you to station a guard at them or suffer horrific consequences. The Sons of Malice will wake you up to this real quick.

  • If you cant crack an enemies defense, defense is better than offense. It's very easy to simply wait for the enemy to cut themselves off at the knees by suiciding half their fleet into your focused fleet. Or wait for the AI to kill each other. Then counter attack. You can move through systems without stopping at the first uncontrolled one.

  • Keep an active eye on your ships state before sending them to a fight. Just because it has near full hull, if it has no guns, no engines, and no deck, the damn thing is still just dead weight. Dead weight you can't recall either. Same goes for troops, especially when dealing with tyranids. Dont pick fights with the nids if you only have 11 dudes left across six ships. You will get hulked.

  • Simple one, but make sure the ship you want to bring to bear from each fleet is the flagship of that fleet. Most of the time this just means switching your commander to the biggest ship. If that ship is a smoldering wreck though, switch him to something still mostly intact.

  • You can't tech everything. Have a plan.

  • Ship veterancy matters a lot. Possibly consider keeping some of the LC's around even after you could cycle them out.

  • Shrouds. Never leave home without a god damn shroud. Between it's stealth and identification range, it will quickly pay for itself before firing a single shot.

  • Battleplans are necessary to be rid of the annoying Eldar. Hang onto them, build mines instead of using the delay. At least until your Battleplan planets are all up and running.

  • Lastly get comfortable with disengage. If you've got ready and able healthy ships waiting in the wings, and one ship that suffered 27 crits and has nothing but engines, disengage that guy. Bring up the ready crew. If you know you'll lose the fight, leave. Preserve your ships.

@Hellhound So I can't unlock all techs during the campaign?


I haven't been able to. You do run out of things to shoot at eventually.

@hellhound Oh ok, so it's because you finish the campaign before being able to research everything, not because you run out of level-ups. Maybe by taking my time I will be able to have the ultimate most badass ships by the end of the campaign then. Thank you.

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@Hellhound you said something about faster egen when not moving. Where is this stated? Also, the lightning arc pull ability?

Necrons are capable of reparing heavy crits and are the only faction capable of doing so, Prymordial Reconstruction (sorry if spelling is wrong).

Final question, you also said something of upgrading the lightning arc to drop armor and then go in close range to 4500. Where is this described or detailed that it is required? I thought the lightning arc and gauss weapons are the same damage at any distance as long as they are in distance.

@voccio said in Necron Meta Thread:

@Hellhound you said something about faster egen when not moving. Where is this stated? Also, the lightning arc pull ability?

Necrons are capable of reparing heavy crits and are the only faction capable of doing so, Prymordial Reconstruction (sorry if spelling is wrong).

Final question, you also said something of upgrading the lightning arc to drop armor and then go in close range to 4500. Where is this described or detailed that it is required? I thought the lightning arc and gauss weapons are the same damage at any distance as long as they are in distance.

A lot of the stuff I said only applies in Campaign. In Campaign, there's a tech that lets you regen quicker when not moving at all. Its merely 1 point more, but it stacks with everything else. The gas nebula regen does exist in MP though.

Notice I put you don't regen heavy crits naturally. That ability is not guaranteed in Campaign, and taking it in MP is only truly necessary against two factions. Albeit they are powerful ones. Don't lean on regen heavy crits like its a guarantee. At least not yet.

The lightning arc pull and armor pen is likewise, just a campaign buff in their weapon tree.

If what I put down doesn't have function in MP, assume its a battle tip and trick for SP. I only seperated out campaign map stuff.

Some people think necrons are already OP 😅

Youtube Video

@makron hey! I watched some of your videos! I really liked them! I would have not learned that I can use torpedoes to distract enemy fighters if I hadn't watched one of your replays! Do you have any tips for playing necrons? And what would you change to them? I'd like to know your opinion


Necrons definitely should have better firepower (a Cairn-class battleship destroyed an Imperial Retribution-class Battleship very fast in the lore) and more hp (their ships are almost indestructible in the lore).
Their morale should be their weakness, I think a ship should instantly phase out when its morale is 0.

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@makron Yeah the current state of morale makes no sense. They flee like a normal race. Having them phase out with no possibility to cancel the mutiny no matter the troop step would be nice.I think however that this should not trigger unless the hp of the ship is below a certain percentage. It doesn't really make sense for necrons to be afraid like a human would be, they simply don't want to lose the ship.

I am incompetent...

I cant land Transdimentional Thunderbolt....


@zeetheranok you can tell it where to go. Left click where you want the bolt to appear, don't release the force from the left mouse button, then drag your mouse in the direction you want the bolt to go and only when you're satisfied with the direction you can release the left mouse button.

@aram_thehead thanks I actually didn’t know this.

@Zeetheranok its about 50/50 for me

@Aram_theHead THANK YOU!


Also any tricks for the most effective boarding stradegies on the Phalanx in one of Trazyns missions...

Finally I have my laptop back from the dead. Nice idea of a topic @Nemesor-Xanxas , it's already filled with great advice! I had no idea how to use the Transdimensional Bolt, thank you @Aram_theHead !

I have just seen the new patch notes. Inertialess Drive cooldown is going to be reduced from 90 s to 75 s, which albeit a small reduction, it is a step in the right direction. Cairns will surely benefit from the scalable crit resistance (will become 0.2 chance of crit, not bad), and Gauss will have their crit chance doubled along most lances. Let's see how this all performs, but it looks like small steps in the right direction IMO.

To add to the pool of advice on how to play the faction and tactics, I tipically have good results with 2 Cairns and 1 LC. Now, I know not using any escorts is a huge risk when capture points are involved and sometimes I've lost matches due to this; replacing the LC by a few escorts would probably work better and I'm going to test that now. However, 1 Cairn does have some firepower and tankiness... and 2 of them becomes something not to be underestimated. I usually send them together, on the dispersed arcs stance (or Reload on the admiral one if I'm using the Nightmare Shroud), while the LC goes alone in Silent Running to capture other points; it will join the fight after contact has been made. I always bring Pyramidal Reconstruction (I also agree it should be in-built into admiral ships), and the other ability is usually Transdimensional Bolt or Stasis Bomb (I'm not max rank yet). For upgrades, the extra deck one is always useful; the other is usually the gas cloud regeneration, Nightmare Shroud or Shards of Nyadra'zatha.

Needless to say, good use of ID is essential. I tipically use it to rotate my ships when one is taking too much damage and to keep them right behind enemy's engines, in their blind spots. The nice things about Cairns are that they have their morale ability (which is pretty versatile) and so much armor they can survive ramming pretty well; ID'ing in front of an Aeldari ship (especially when they're boosting) is fun.

@necroledo yeah I agree that the latest patch is a step in the right direction. Small Inertialess Drive buff and a promise of a new boarding system. (I didn't notice the part about the Lance buff, but if it is true, it is a good change in my opinion too)

After playing quite a few more hours on ranked Necrons, more thoughts at high rank play:

  • Decrease the delay between activating the star-pulse and it going off. Close torpedos, especially well micro'd eldar even if your reaction times are good can just skip it due to the 1 second or so delay of the starpulse activation.

  • Really think that Necrons should have very slow troop regeneration to make up more for their super hard counter issue against boarding and emphasize durability, and that the Resurrection orb ability should speed that up for 20 seconds, as to actually be picked.

  • Skills in General of the Necrons need to be looked at. Please explain why I would ever take anything but Pyramidal Reconstruction +scarab swarm/ mass recall, and Tesseract Crypt + structural analyser/ nightmare shroud.