Necron Meta Thread

To be honest, I think that all AOE skills without a limit should show charge as Nova guns and bombs, Necron pulse, maelstorm Eldar, the Mechanicus cloud and Dark Eldar gun, all of which have an instantaneous trigger.

@nikof135 unlike the other two mentioned abilities though starpulse is meant to be a defensive ability, to compensate for the lack of carriers and such. If it gets charges necrons become even more vulnerable to ord than they already are.

I’m not talking about just a nerf, I gave as examples all the abilities without a limit on the number of times of use, I would in the case of such a remake, I would do them, and increase the range so that you could run away, but could get, and improved Necron fighters, maybe their number, or characteristics so that they could do something, I know that the pulse is now a defensive ability

@nikof135 the issue though is the reason that starpulse has no charges is you need it as a Necron to deal with ordinance aimed at your larger ships due to Necrons have terrible manueverability. Every other faction has either a boost gauge and a turn or low cooldown rapid movement ability, allowing them to dodge ordinance, while Necrons do not. Even if fighters are improved they will not kill torpedoes before they reach you, especially in this Eldar heavy meta, which is relevant due to the fact that a torpedo run by said Eldar will 2-shot anything in your fleet. All a torp player has to do if they give the ability charges is fire them one at a time. Even assuming max tonnage for torp player and min tonnage for Necrons with starpulse, they have more torpedos than you would have starpulse, so you have ships that will just unavoidably die.

Starpulse is an extremely obvious and predictable ability. Its not like the other examples you give.

All Necron capital ships can AOE anything within 4.5k around them. If the opposing fleet has any ordnance, Necrons have to use it vs that ordnance. If the fleet does not, then Starpulse will very obviously be used for a little bit of damage as soon as they get within 4.5k range.

I don't think it needs a rework. Reducing the cast time would be nice, since 1.1k torps are extremely hard to stop.

@paravox said in Necron Meta Thread:

  • Really think that Necrons should have very slow troop regeneration to make up more for their super hard counter issue against boarding and emphasize durability

It seems we're getting exactly that! According to the beta patchnotes for the next update:

  • Necrons will be back as they now have the joy to regenerate 1 crew point every 60 seconds. Also their squadron benefit an extra doom scythe!

While it is a slow regeneration, it's still there and I think this is another step in the right direction. Necrons will also be able to use the new Transfer Crew skill to reinforce ships that are losing too much crew, and with the passive crew resurrection, the donating ship won't remain undercrewed for too long either. If they also get the new Call To Arms, resistance against boarding might improve too. Plus, the new boarding mechanics seem pretty neat. I just wonder if that passive resurrection can un-hulk a ship by itself... would be awesome.

Glad to see that extra Doom Scythe too. It's just 1, so a small buff, but it will improve the performance of those squadrons.

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