Mod not uploading

Ive done everything. Uninstalled Mudrunner, the editor, and still my mod does not upload.

I have deleted the mod listing and made a new one a kazillion times and yet the mod listing is still blank.

Im fucking pissed since this has been a thing for almost a mounth now

@riskywisky Have you noticed thumbnails missing around the workshop? Steam is obviously having issues with their cloud system.

Just updated/uploaded my JKUR, will let y'all know how it works out...

Ok. And yea I’ve noticed that rough.

UPDATE: no issues with uploading or missing thumbnails for me...

Hmmmm that’s strange

I tried to upload a private map and a new truck that’s also private.


This is what I get.

Does anyone have a fox or am I just going to not be able to upload my mods? This is fucking pissing me off