Coop Bugs thus far

After playing with 2 friends so far I have encountered the following situations.

Player A- After we connect to each other, we move forward and play a battle. After the battle is over, if we are victorious, it gives the host(me) a victory message while giving the guest the defeat message.

After playing this battle when trying to launch a second battle I as Host receive a fatal UE error. CTD.

A CTD can also occur while not even launching a battle after having played 1 battle. It has happened very often and most times forces us the replay the last fight we finished.

In order to alleviate this I as the host must quick save asap after a battle, close the game and relaunch from desktop. We are then able to play another battle, where I will have to quick save and quite over and over.

Another situation is when playing a battle.. moving to a second battle afterwards, after victory or defeat the game remains on the loading screen and never goes back to the campaign map, making us Alt F4 to close the game(though it's not frozen according to task manager) and reload the game losing the previous battle and forcing us to play it again.

So far playing 1 mission, and restarting my game as host seems to work.

Player B- a few of the same issues as already mentioned.

One issue encountered with player B is he constantly gets disconnected after a battle. When he joins back in, or I invite him back in, when we launch the next battle, or not long after joining I get a UE fatal error.

If the guest disconnects from the host while looking at the end of battle results, or if in the middle of dialog, or given a tab that tells you the upgrades to renown, fleet capacity, leadership etc. The Host is stuck and cannot X the tab out thus is stuck and forced to Alt F4. Losing all progress previously made.

Same situation as the paragraph above; tried having him reconnect to me during this issue and the game throws us back into the end of battle results screen where he has no option to click anything and neither can I. Again being stuck and forced to Alt F4.

Player B, during battle is unable to see any reinforcements be it allied or enemy. Doesnt seen the cannon fire, lance fire etc from these ships either. I have tried giving the ships to him and pulling it back to me, does not work. He also can't control any of the ships even if clicking the ship icon on the right side of the screen. The ship is also not represented on the mini map.

Player B is unable to make any purchases for fleets, and changing names of ships is not saved.

Other than this, We are enjoying the coop experience. Love the way we split the fleet up in game.

Player A had the door bell ring, and I took command of his ships during that small time. Once he was back I gave them back. Worked well.

The inability to see reinforcements is crippling in larger games.

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I’ve played 10 turns of the imperial campaign coop.

After every second battle we both get stuck on the loading screen when it’s returning us to the campaign map. Only way out is force the game to close. Upon reloading and fighting the battle again it would complete successfully, but then the subsequent battle will lock up after it finishes. Rinse and repeat.

Can also confirm player 2 will see the defeat screen after a victory.

We also had the same problems with the reinforcements in coop. It was gamebreaking for us. It was managable (even with all the other mentioned problems like not being able to do much on the strategy map, etc), but not being able to play after a certain point in the battle is just too much. "Early access" was a fitting phrasing for the coop as this is not even in beta quality yet. 😞

I have also encountered the similar bugs in coop. In particular the disconnection and fatal error issues following a battle and when starting another battle.

Was unsure if Player B not being able to make fleet purchases was a bug or not but this and the ability to evolve planets and take systems would be useful additions.

Another situation.. If locked by multiple enemy battles in 1 turn we get screwed. Play the first battle... When forced to enter in a second battle during the enemies turn.. My guest gets booted and the host (me) gets locked up forcing an alt F4.
We got around this by using battleplans to delay certain actions and just leaving systems and coming back after the enemy takes it. Pain of the arse.

Hilariously..i play on a 65" screen.. So my friend who was lanning with me played off my screen when the enemy reinforcements were invisible. The ships still fire at each other lol.

We also have all of the listed issues with the coop campaign. The lack of him seeing reinforcement makes for some amusing battles though.

well when the strike cruiser just starts spinning for no reason... you know something is there lol

Yes, It seems that its extremely easy for disconnection after a battle, also can't reconnect after disconnect as it will just 'refresh' the homepage

When loading into a coop battle player B will be stuck on a loading screen where a ready button will show up.