Increase of Hull/Hit Points - A Failure

In my opinion the increase of the hull/hit points, with the release of the second beta, was a big mistake.

From lore the ships weapons are extreme powerful, the only thing that can withstand them are some sort of shielding or some kind of special armour. With the increase of the hull points shields became negligible. Even without shields it takes several volleys of the whole fleet to destroy an escort.

I know they increased the hull to improve the factions without shields, but there are better ways than nerfing standard weapons. Maybe some sort of saving throw or some kind of damage reflection.

An other problem of increasing the hull points is, as mentioned before, the inefficiency of standard weapons (lances, macros, starcannons, pulsar, ...) Also bombers and torpedos are not really effective in destroying hulls. This leads to the preference of boarding fleet builds. This is not the way I like to play. At the actual state I experience the game as a little bit frustrating.

I think a good way would be in decreasing the hull points to their previous stats and buff the none shielding factions in a different way.

It is not a mistake, its just that standard weaponry is outshined by boarding/torps/squadrons. In BFGA1 ships were melting under focus fire. In BFGA2 gunfights between standard weaponry really gives the feeling of naval warfare.
But on current meta you don t have to bother use weaponry, focus fire or cycle your ships to use shields/shield regen because you will get board to death by SM/Nids rendering useless your HP or torps to death ignoring Shield/Armor