Repeatable crash bug in the IN campaign

Once you've killed all four of Abaddon's lieutenants, you get a repeatable UE4 engine CTD.

Link to the relevant save:

Once the last lieutenant dies, the game will first run through the next mission brief, then debrief the mission you just completed, which struck me as strange - then again, I wouldn't bet on it not having been this way throughout the campaign.

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Can confirm have the same bug, just finished the one in belial? the khorne one who was my last to do. After the cut scenes finish on the main campaign map just crashes...

I got the same bug. Everytime I kill all four of them, my game crashes

I was just about to log this bug aswell, same issue!

Killed that Nurgle one 3 times already (last luitenant I have to kill), game completes mission just fine, but then crashes during dialogue on the game map.

I've added another save file if you need more to debug.

0_1548621759080_BFGA2 campaign crash.7z

I've gotten the same bug. Following killing the fourth LT and follow up mission briefs game crashes. Repeated three times with same results and timing

Edit: Included crash and Dxdiag files0_1548722433383_BFGA2

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yes i got the same bug, now stuck at there

Yeah i have the same problem, have tried to uninstall and reinstall the game several times. I have also tried to see if it's a certain lieutenant that causes the crash, but every time i kill the last lieutenant and i klick close on the mission debrief the game crashes.

I too has the same issue, as soon as the last lieutenant is defeated and mission rewards are shown, the game chrashes

Is this even going to be addressed or what?! 5 days still the same issue...

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Commenting to bring more attention to this bug, its really annoying

Have the same bug and cannot proceed any further. Feared something like this would happened, when I buy a game on release date.
Tried the last boss 4 times and everytime the same Fatal Error crash.

I managed a workaround: Finish another quest (I did the necron side quest) and afterwards it could work. Perhpas just another fight could help. Wish you the best

@egomei Hi
I tried your idea but it didn't work, perhaps you just got lucky but i'll try again and hope to Big E that i'll get to continue the campaign.

Update: Still the same bug. Kills the last lieutenant and the debrief goes, then as i klick the "close" button i get a .5 seconds skip in audio and then the game crashes.

@jericho2 Just make sure that Spires fleet has under 900 fleet power when engaging the last opponent. It worked for me!

@jericho2 Also: Apply the beta patch. Should also fix it.