[Feedback] The Prize - part 1 (impossible on easy) Necron Campaign

Okay so i'm trying my best not to break my keyboard on this mission! I have tried 7 times now to capture this Captain Seglei Khan. each time i have failed! I'm not destroying his ship since i have to capture him and i have turned his ship into a floating hulk but it's the part after that I simply can't beat I can't see how 5-9 vs 2-3 is possible plus i keep getting boarded so my ships are just left floating around which prevent my ships from spawning and the enemy ships aren't small escort ships nooo.... that would have been possible if that was the case i believe no they are light cruisers and bigger.

Can it really be true that this mission is so hard on easy that i can't progress in the campaign at all and have to play another campaign or another game? please look into this and if anyone else have done the impossible i would like to know your strategy, choice on ships, numbers of commanders and a video would be much appreciated.

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@wüsti_von_fjords Same here. I also tried conquering the system where the battle takes place in order to be able to deploy 3 fleets instead of 2 (there was a minefield there). When I pressed end turn the game crashed lol. I felt like the game was saying: "nope! that would make things too easy, my friend!" 🤣 Anyway I need to know how some people managed to do it too. Maybe they simply accepted to scuttle their empty ships to be able to field new ones.

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I've not done the mission, but in theory you can re-capture the ships, use inertial drive to gain distance, and then immediately warp them out. Once they're off the map your reserves should come in fine, and they can be repopulated by crew later.

@Voidhawk There's just the problem it takes time to warp out and i have tired but they seem to chase me down and interrupt my attempt at warping out and the proceeds to board my ship and then i'm just where i was before just slightly more agitated it seem no matter what i try i can't get this done for some reason 😤

I hope the devs will read this and look into it cuz it seems like a real problem 🙏🏻

The "Cease fire" function is very useful for this mission, the hand icon at the bottom left (once the guy captured, the ship was destroyed and it still works)

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Wait until u do the Imp Campaign ... fighting in so many sectors with so little support ships... its awesome to tho,but for know i cant do shit,keep getting Code 23 launch error 😞 sad times....

@src why should I order my ships to cease fire in this mission? I don't understand

I am having a different problem in the mission where I successfully defeat the marine fleet (my fleet comp was 3 fleets each with a scythe cruiser and a light cruiser), I capture the khan and kill the ship usually having to recrew ships but not the capture ship and I will destroy a lot of marine ships (usually vanguard strike cruisers but sometimes escorts and strike cruiser in the various attempts) but eventually they stop coming and the mission doesn't end, I have tried 3 separate times with the same result and have also left the fleet on auto attack and the game speed on fast for 10-20 minutes to see if it was an stealthed escort or something

@aram_thehead That's how I managed to not destroy the ship ... without that, I could not finish this step