Orks cut scene froze my game.

as the title states the orks cut scene is not only unskipable, holding space bar 30 seconds had no effect except filling the bar and leaving me with a full grey bar amongst a black screen. after stopping 3 tyranid invasions i get attacked by the orks the cut scene goes off and bam, all the previous fights are gone. things like this should have been thoroughly played through prior to launch bad form.

I have experienced the same issue, though this freeze occurs for the one where I met the Aeldari.
I have watched all the cutscenes so far, but tried to skip this one. Grey bar filled, cutscene kept playing, then screen went black (bar is still there).
I reloaded the game and watched the cutscene to the end without skipping, but this time it faded to black after the cutscene and froze there. I'm now unable to progress.
Great game so far though 🙂

Exact same thing, can't skip or move beyond that. Tried reloading the auto save, tried avoiding the combat but they landed a 2100 point stack so they'll take over the sector if I leave them be. Gotta fight them but can't because game won't let me do anything?

I got the same thing as the humans when I met the Necron....