How do you deal with Drukhari, and to a lesser extant the other Aeldari factions?


Before I start I'd like to mention that I was a big fan of the last BFGA and do enjoy the current game allot. I acknowledge I am not an amazing player, but do consider myself competent enough to be at least a challenge online to most opponents and will at least of some fun watching my ships duke it out with the enemy most of the time.
However, well played Drukhari seem to always total me in every game I have played against them. Their speed plus their manoeuvres make them impossible to catch, and the fact they basically run with permanent stealth makes it even harder. Pinging with swarms of escorts seems to be the go to strat here but every time I do tag a ship it flies out of range and the effect quickly wares off. I do try to nab their engines/reactor in that brief window but often they get away with little to no damage caused. Additionally the better Drukhari players are savvy to this anyway and simply single out the escorts and destroy them, fearing little retaliation from my own fleet.

These problems are further compounded when you are running a very slow faction ,such as Orks, and certain abilities, such as stasis bomb and nova cannon, seem to me to be practically useless against them.

I have won games against Drukhari, mind, but its always been reliant on the Drukhari player messing up a manoeuvre or making some other mistake. Otherwise if I see that the Drukhari admiral is good with them I will often capitulate there and then, as its not worth going though the frustration of chasing capture points and watching my ships pop one by one.

I hope this doesn't come across as too salty or irate. I do notice no one else in this forum seems to be complaining about them, or asking similar questions to mine, so I do wonder if I am missing something glaringly obvious about them.

eldar don't have much counterplay atm. there are some 240 speed fleets that can catch them (dauntless and slaughter builds and SM LCs) and maybe some zapp ork and mass escort tau builds can work (I have not played with orks and tau much to find out), but a flagship with upgraded range and MWJ can snipe escorts easily and kite 24/7. dark matter cannon makes kiting with DE pretty easily manageable and the maelstrom of the other eldar is very good in reducing the enemies overall hull slowly. I don't think there are any long range builds that can out-shoot them, but I am open for suggestions.

I expect an eldar nerf coming with the next balance patch.

Disruption bomb knocks out their stealth for a bit, as you said ping works, the scout probe admiral ability gets a larger radius when it stops moving so target it close to your forces to create a no-go zone for the deldar.

When their stealth is temporarily disabled, spam some fighters on the one you want to kill. They can mark him for your guns. Tau are great for hard countering deldar because you ping them, have lots of fighters to deploy, and then spam guided torps on the fighter-marked target. When you can perpetually knock out their stealth deldar melt under coordinated fire.

Be sure to mark the engine component for crits, they can't run well once it's out.