Admech viable fleet or strategy.

Hi everyone.
What strategy/fleet is the best now? I tried novaspam, but skilled players (especially drukhari) just dodge them, and then you lose your fleet in ordinary battle. Maybe I am doing smth wrong, or maybe wrong abilities choice?
Also I tried 3 arks strategy with ramming or lightning strike spam (with +1 troop damage and culexus assassin), but it's quite low-mid tier too.
What fleet do you play?

Well currently it is en vouge to spam your factions strength. So just try to mass Nova cannons. Cheapest Nova ship * 6 or 7 and one or two escorts. Else you might have trouble against other spam fleets

Should I stay in distance before all nova charges end?

You want to stay at distance at all times - Admech has very low troops count, whatever melee will kill you.

@dadamowsky thanks!
So I should try fleet smth similar to basilikon fleet (Lot of cruisers + escort)?
P.S. Adech melee is really awful.

imo admech is lowest tier atm. you should avoid all nova cannon ships and lances and try to spam escorts / LCs.

@fosil how should play with that fleet? Stealthy point capturing and avoiding fight?

trying to have local superiority of forces. the escorts are the best ships in their roster atm. you may try to use one MWJ ark , but you really want to max out your escort slots. AM could be fixed if their novas had no charges and their ships were a little bit less expensive.

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@fosil but why escorts so good? Quantity over quality?

the cruisers pay for the nova cannons, which are overpriced to what they can do against most fleets and lances are bad weapons atm compared to macros. the escorts cannot lose subsystems and have good hull/shield/dps per costs and are fast.

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@fosil thanks! And one more question: what stance and abilities for escorts and LCs is the best?
This strategy is new for me, and such simple questions arise.

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silent running to get into position and lock-on until yoh have AP ammo (after that reload is good too if you want to kill something faster). it will help to have some lance escorts until you have AP ammo. use the radiation field and the orb dmg skill or the shield buster. you have to skirmish and avoid a pitched battle.

@kirivasile I actually have to deeply disagree with @Fosil - Escorts only list will be your doom. They may not loose system when crited, but they are destroyed when crited.

What I run is a Dictator, Tyrant, two Widowmakers. My flagship is the carrier LC (can't remember the name). In 1v1 I havent found a sweet spot yet, but that's my exit for the list either way. Skills: Rad storm, Orb, increased arrays range and additional damage to the shields.

Generally - you want to go for points victory, as the brawl is not the way to win with Admech. At first you need to keep your Widowmakers scouting ahead in front of your fleet, and when you have visuals on the enemy they sneakily disengage to go for capture points. From this moment on your fleet serves the sole purpose of buying your escorts time. Novas serves the purpose of forcing the turn/mobility skill burn, or killing the opponents escort on the cap point. It's too weak to win you a game by annihilation (unless you manage to catch multiple ships at once - doable, but based on opponent mistake not your choice). Orb and Rad storm are another area denial tools, with a decent damage overall. Their biggest advantage is no delay in skill activation.

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@dadamowsky So the basic strategy is to cap points, and make enemy stay away from them by using skills and novas? And some more questions:

  1. Only 2 escort ships - Widowmakers?
  2. What is arrays range? Identification range skill for LCs and escorts?
  3. LC = Light Cruiser for flagship? Why?

@dadamowsky escorts don't get destroyed by crits, the tool tip is wrong.


  1. Widowmakers have 13500 basic detection range - that's definetely something you want
  2. Yes. I'm bad in remembering names, sorry
  3. Because he can be Stealthed. To drop the rad storm or orb you want to go in undetected, drop it, and retreat immediately. Besides losing the flagship is very heavy on the already soft Admech's morale, stealthing your flagship is helping it to an extent. It's one of the reasons why you should kill enemy escorts first. The second reason is to prevent them messing with your cap.

The die quickly either way, doing little to no damage in return. IMO escorts are utility, not suitable to be a core. Maybe, if you plan to get the skill which allows escorts and LCs to speed stealthed, such list would have a merit. But any cruiser camping on the point would deny you a win anyway - as you cant possibly get rid of it with escorts.

EDIT: I dont run the carrier LC, it's too expensive for 2v2. I run the cheapest out of them (Endurance? I think it's the one)

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@dadamowsky Thanks, strategy seems good.
You've mentioned 2v2, so this strategy was not for 1v1?
P.S. I tried @Fosil strategy, it's not bad, because it can deal a lot of damage in a short time and disorient the enemy. But I found that I quickly lose my fleet, even after destroying several big ships of opponent. I will try to improve that.

@dadamowsky: compare hull/shield/dps per points for AM escorts against their line ships.

That's something I haven't expected. Apparently I'm playing them wrong if they whiff so much for me and I have to learn it.

AdMech feel very much like a support fleet rather than a main fleet. They don't really have any Cruisers that work well up close and will usually get burned down quick or lose crew so the name of the game is staying at range. This is easy to do against some factions but not so much against others so they will usually work well for the beginning of an encounter but fall apart very quickly if you aren't able to wipe out the enemy quickly.

In 2v2s I love the AdMech(so long as my teammate has something that can keep the enemy busy) and feel they are a great faction but in 1v1s they only perform well against 2-3 other factions. The Nova spam build is what I have used mostly because it can put a lot of damage on an enemy quickly or corral them to a location I want them but I can see how the Escort fleet can also be effective. Still, if you're forced to build around lots of Escorts I feel that there is a failing somewhere.