Admiral Portraits

I was curious when I started looking at the Portraits for the various races for their admirals or Captains or whatever they may be, they looked really good. Does anyone know if you can get access to them in the steam files? Or hell, of any artists that posted them on Art Station or etc? They look so good and its so bothersome to try to unlock the ones you want cause its random. Thanks.

@championdragos i think the admiral progression needs to be dedicated to what faction you are playing. Hope they fix it.

@canned_f3tus I agree, I have like 20 eldar and tau pictures, I dont even like the eldar or tau lol. I'd still like to just be able to look at the art though( for the other factions), cause they are great.

Or at least a list which unlocks when would be helpfull. "Hey just wait and see which pointless collectible you unlock next" is not exactly an exiting game mechanic.... (pointless as in "has no effect on game play)