Well i buy the game before september and was happy and really anoyed with the delay . But to be honnest i'm REALLY disapointed with the result . I was so excited to finally play it and after not even a day i was totaly bored out of it . I will finish it maybe one days for the sake of it .
It's not a bad game and as a fan of warhammer in general i could says it's maybe okay . But it's as far of a good game you can expect one to be .
The campaign story telling is even less develop than in the first one most of the time it's : go take this planet , destroy this station , fight X eldars . It's a really bad campaign.

The strategy part is really lacking and could be a okay multyplayer game mode if a versus is though out and some change are made.

The focus on fleet rather than vessel make the campaign feel clunky and more like a "build your team free to play" game . Each vessel can't be transfer between fleet or put at the side cause you got bigger toys to play with . A single right clic just dispose of your ship (wich is supose to be killometer long mega structure that can make years to even build and are so huge and technological that they are for the most of them consider sacred) .

This "focus on fleet rather than vessel" can make some really awkward situation were you have some fleet that are not at their best cause bad cost repartition (hello necron) but you don't want to just destroy the navy and start from scratch .
The imperium faction with his 3 different faction suffer the most of it and you end up having ONE type of fleet that maximize point and nothing else.
The flexibility of this systeme is awfull and was one of the main reason i stop caring .

I already said my point but i don't think this game is taking the correct path . The higly repetive , competitive and balanced IS NOT for W40k . So stop trying to catch up a market that you wont grab and cook up some good content that will make this mess of a campaign enjoyable . Don't be afraid to make a game that is complex this is the right franchise to do so.