Here's my views on the competitive mode as a regular Insurgency player
(I do not Critisize the Whole game but only the problems met in this gamemode)
Good points :
-Maps look balanced
-Weapons Too

That's all

Bad Points :
-The matchmaking fills our games against Diamond players wich is unplayable for Silver and Gold players as i Am.

-This mode is ruined by newcomers who can play this gamemode without any conditions and then leave the game because they feel lost.

-The calculating system for points is only based on capturing wich is good and bad because when i choose to stop 4 ennemies and i end killing all of them next round i'll be the of the squad and that's really frustrating and Unrewarding. I suggest a more rewaqrding system based on How you defend and Kills Streak.

-We have no way to know how are we evolving through the competetive ranks wich is really confusing example I was Gold 4 i lost one game then ended up being a Silver 1 THEN i won 3 Games in a row but i couldn't get back to gold 4 ! 😭
-When you win a game even there it's impossible to earn to earn Decent XP and you need barely 25-30 Won games to get 1 level 😢

In general Insurgency AND Insurgency Sandstorm are the best Fps style to me and the only thing missing is a well made Competive mode ! SO please Devs help us ! ♥