[Report] Imperium late campaign bugs - Aeldari special operation

I chose to side with the Aeldari after the Spirit Gate mission, and went to do the operation defending Craftworld Os'tara against Inquisitor Darkhammer. The mission itself works fine, although I noticed that the objective marker for not letting Darkhammer's ship reach bombardment range was marked in French (with 'NEED LOCA' at the end of it); on top of that, completing the mission gave me the opposite achievement from what I'd just done (see attached pic).

0_1548691646831_BFGA2 achievement bug.png

This isn't showstopping like the Chosen of Abaddon mission crash bug where the campaign consistently crashes once you've defeated all four of Abaddon's lieutenants, but I figured it's worth reporting anyway.

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Hi, it's been reported to the devs, thanks !