Tyranid Campaign very Bland

Let me start by saying that i am fairly new to the Warhammer universe (please excuse typos).

Ok with that out of the way I absolutely fell in Love with tyranids from the first time i heard of them, everything about the Lore and the way there [ suppose to work << more on that later ] but i find it Very hard to connect to them in this game. I find that the Campaign mode Feels very generic nothing like the other 2 campaign stories at all i felt invested in the characters and their story and was hoping it would be the same with the tyranids. Also the Tyranids race strongest key ability which is there sheer [ Massive overwhelming numbers ] instead they feel like all the other races when is comes to the number of ships in the battle field. And that leaves you wondering why? especially after the Nerf that increased there ship cost even more. The Campaign story leaves you wanting some sort of personal connection to the Race and story as a whole. Instead we just get the other Races reactions and how they feel about the tyranids taking over. I love the Game absolutely love it and just wish they could please Make tyranids truly feel like tyranids massive fleets instead of only being able to field 2 ships or so because there cost is so high. And the story i wish i could feel something for the tyranids instead of just feeling nothing at all.

You're not supposed to "feel something for the Tyranids." They are a faceless, hive mind race. They aren't the Zerg in Starcraft. Read any of the GW books/lore and they fit a similar theme that the campaign has. No stories are ever told from their point of view.

I do agree that it never really felt like I had a ton of ships compared to the other races.

Tyranids aren't truly characters, they are a faceless intergalactic super predator. If you want to sympathize with them, you need to view everything else as prey and have fun when you turn their ships into lifeless hulks.

no they dont, you can easily feel for nids
you just need to look beyond the humanlike
like the hivetyrant that made a deal with an inquisitor to try and find a cure for a nurgle plague that infested its fleet
i felt for that guy in that novel, it was just trying to fix things so they could nom again
the game does do kindof a bad job for it tho

they could atleast have had a overlay to give nutrient content, genetic layout and skeletal and muscle structure while the race into is playing out
doesnt need to give massive detail, but just show what is really important while the imperial blabla is playing in the background

kindof same for necrons, they get the same cutscene for orks and eldar as in the imperials campaign
while they should be remembering the korks and know very little about eldar fucking up enough to tear a hole into reality
they just woke up, how do they know 10k year ago things, they didnt have time to look around yet

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