Necron vs Ancient one - mission nails why Necron are so bad

Any tips?

  • too much "banelings" exploding onto my ships with creating spore clouds that constantly slow and damage my ships

  • I always keep my warp-out versus Ancient scream otherwise all my ships are fucked, but thats not enough versus all the boarding spam

  • I warp-out Amarkun (when cooldown is ready) since losing him immediately ends the game

  • I'm trying to do with spam of Harvesters that have 240 speed and bunch of guns + immunity to asteroid and spore fields, still they board me to death

Seems Tindalos didn't even test their campaign.

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@existor given many people cannot even get past agripina because fatal errors are the systems main inhabitants, a lack of play testing/listening to fans seems likely, especially given which favtion we are talking about here.

I think that the design of Tyranids is also to blame here. They're not fun for those who play them and they're also not fun for those who have to fight against them.

Extremely powerful and survivable ships that can pretty much decimate anything that gets close through sheer proximity and are every bit as survivable as the best of other navies (seriously, they make Necrons jealous with the quality of their ships), not to mention have the sort of manoeuverability that puts every other faction to shame due to their overtuned leap (how do you even do that in space?).

Oh and they arrive everywhere at once and in greater numbers than any other faction.