"The Ancient One" - tips?

Hi @all, I am really enjoying the imperial campaign but got stuck in the imperial mission, where you have to battle the Ancient One. No matter how hard I try, this beast is increadible fast and I always gets my slow ship within range of its psionic cry with devastating effects. To make things worse, my troops get sucked out of my ships also extremely fast, making this mission quite annoying... Does anyone, who did it already, has a clue for me how to win this mission? Greatly appreciate!

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I struggled for a while on it also. I found the best way was to have as many astartes ships and board it as much as possible. The space marines aren't effected by the psychic scream so they don't have to run away. Keep spire out of reach but close enough that the Ancient one targets him, if he gets too close just microwarp jump away, this will let your space marine ships get around the back and to the sides of it. Boarding it seems the best way to do it as its too hard to shoot it to death with all the adds it spawns. Good luck!

Thanks a lot :), I`ll try that!

This was by far the hardest mission for me. I finally beat it by waiting until I had my Titan class ship and then I came back. First, use a shield emp, then whatever combo of Novas, torpedos, and bombers to finish it off. Hope this helps.

Thanks to both of you; this mission is like a game of chicken run with Spire beeing the chased chicken, somewhat weird... Hope the devs adjust this in one of the next patches. Otherwise really nice game.

You could cheese it with Space Marine trio flybys or just Nova cannon it to pieces. Whileit moved fast as long as you use fighters or a probe to make sure you know where it is you can time your blasts to hit it, AI doesn’t know how to dodge Nova cannons

I lucked out and got an Adepus Mechanicus leader with Rad-Tempest Device and Micro Warp Jump. Hit and run (have Escorts establish safe escape zones for Spire and other MWJ leaders), pummel it with Nova cannons from a lightyear away (having the backup fleet full of Nova Cannon equipped ships means you can emergency warp out an existing vessel and get three freshly-loaded shots of 400-200 damage from 25k distance). EZ-PZ. Rad-Tempest rips it, and its swarm of adds, to shreds.

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