Tyranid Campign Bugs / Error

this post might come across as a "i want" post, but please bear with me, its comming fro ma good place, of love of the lore, and the thorougher enjoyment form the first game & this one! I simply love this game for what it is. However some QOL improvements and some massive (tyranid scale) bugsmashing is needed.

Please "Edit" the Entire game over time with patches and fixes for the singleplayer experience for the AI to cope without the Timer. Have the timer for an "Iron-man Experience"

Spore-mine fields do not Spread to other systems in the sector. or if they do, the system that gains the bonus after two turns does NOT show itself as having the spore mine field. (we as players have no way to tell if its working.)

Deathworld tooltip blatantly wrong. (it says "+1,234" exactly the same a listening posts during the BETA)

Tyranid vanguarding is INCREDIBLY BROKEN. - You can capture full sectors without fighting a single battle. Make it so the AI can counter it (and we as the Imperium and Necron then have to counter it in the other campaigns) also let us control & Fight with the Vanguard fleet and the infested Space hulk.

The Vanguard fleet is usually gonna be a loss, but it might be fun to actually play it. the hulk however. Just give us one Space hulk based off the Orks. Remove its shields and give it spore-shields and Just Tryanid launch bays (no guns but make the spore shields longer range than normal with a little dmg buff). Get the Hulk to the Enemys "Board edge" = Win. you've infested that System. Lose = Fail. Re-vanguard to try again.

In general for All campaigns please just increase the leadership and fleet cap Values. Fleet cap should max out at Skirmish levels. 1200. (from the 1000 max) Leadership should go upto 1600-1900 from 1350. Better Yet. take a page from the great handbook that is Total War. Unit sizes. Small, Medium & Large for your fleets so if you have not got a Great rig you can tailor how much you can bring to the field initially. (Small = Instead of 1350max Leadership, Say like 900-1000. Med = 1350, Large = 1850 etc) As a Selectable option before the campaign start.

Hello @Sharazad,

Thank you for you feedbacks, it means a lot to us to receive this type of comments about the game, especially when they are developed as yours 🙂
Regarding the spore-mine fields spreading, we've noticed that the mechanic works but the Mine spreading icon is not applied. This should be easily fixed in the next patch. Same for the Death World tooltip issue.

About the Vanguard Forces mechanic, the idea was to offer a different way to conquer systems other than through a classic cruiser clash. So yes, it is working as intended that you capture systems with this mechanic. It requires many turns to be achieved though.

As for the Vanguard Fleet and Infested Space Hulk, the initial idea was to give the player the possibility to use those ships in battle.
However, we finally found that it was easier to use and less time-demanding to apply an effect that would do the exact same thing than deploying a Vanguard fleet or Space Hulk during a battle.

Now, I understand this would have been quite neat to see and manage an Infested Space Hulk in battle. We'll try to re-evaluate this possibility in the coming weeks.

Finally about increasing leadership thresholds, this is one of the most popular demand among our players. We are willing to do so but we would probably proceed step by step, to thoroughly monitor the campaign balancing along with the overall game performance. Creating an option at the campaign selection would be a good option too.

In direct reply to you comment regarding Vanguarding - I do not play with the emergency Timer. (Personal taste reasons) If you ARE using it, Vanguarding isnt really as much of an issue. Without the timer (and i know its stated that the timer is an "act of balance" in regard to mechanics. - Vanguard proves this point) I have the resources and time to Capture Multiple entire sectors at once. This is blatantly not working as intended and i sincerely hope you add ways for it to be hard-countered specifically by the AI. At least so that it isnt "100% set in stone. In 12 turns I own this system" There needs to be a chance you can fail. And the only one in the game at this moment is a different force capturing the system cancels the Vanguard track. Additionally controlling the Space hulk in a set "Planetary assault style" battle could be that "hard counter" as depending on the fleet stationed at the System. you might not win that battle.

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post and I'm looking forward to the upcoming Development "post" and seeing the direction the game goes in.