Release Date & Free Week

Hey everyone,

We're excited to announce that Fear The Wolves will officially release on February 6th!

After months of work throughout the early access period, we're thrilled to deliver Fear The Wolves' sixth major update, introducing a wealth of new content:

  • Brand new artifact system
  • A new mutant: the Wolf Matriarch
  • Anomalous lockdown areas
  • Two new artifacts
    • Wolf Matriarch Heart
    • Spore Artifact
  • New point of interest: Stadium
  • Wolve behaviour improvement. They can now break doors.
  • New customization set
  • Server capacity and repartition improvements

Artifacts are new and rare items that you can obtain by killing a wolf matriarch (to get its heart), or in the new highly radioactive anomalous lockdown areas. The matriarch heart allows you to summon friendly mutant wolves twice to help you fight enemy survivors.

The spore artifact gives you an enhanced vision mutation, allowing you to see nearby enemies through walls for a brief moment; Just enough to position yourself for a perfect ambush!

These new items should add a lot of tension and diversity throughout matches, as well as offering new strategies in late game. Waiting for the evacuation hidden in a bush isn’t such a good idea anymore when you have a pack of wolves rushing towards you!

We plan to officially deploy this massive update on February 6th, but keep an eye on the game in the days prior to launch, since we might do a soft launch a few days in advance to make sure everything is as smooth as we want it to be.

The release of Fear The Wolves is also an exciting opportunity for the team to share the vastly improved version of the game to the world! In order to celebrate the release, and allow everyone to discover the game and the many new features introduced throughout the early access period, Fear The Wolves will be entirely FREE from February 6th to 12th!

Bring your friends and dive into a decaying Chernobyl next week! And if you enjoy the improvements and our take on the Battle Royale genre, Fear The Wolves is also 50% off from February 6th to 12th! After February 12, you won’t be able to play for free anymore. Make sure to buy the game while it is discounted to continue to play!


Fear The Wolves' early access period started back in August last year and we're about to release our sixth major update. The last months have brought many features requested by the community, as well as performance improvements and bug fixes. Below, you'll find a short recap of the content added to Fear The Wolves throughout early access.

Fear The Wolves Early Access Improvements

Game flow

  • Added the possibility to start a match with fewer players using a smaller map
  • Spectator matchmaking
  • Improved shooting
  • Improved wolf behavior
  • Rooftop extractions
  • Unified mode (Duos as default, with friends or strangers / Solo available)
  • New prematch system (enter the map immediately & decide number of players before match start)
  • Anomalous lockdown areas
  • Wolves can now break doors

Game content

  • Two new customization sets
  • Lot of new or improved points of interest and environments on the map
  • New weapon, the SOK-94
  • Hidden stashes around the map with high tier loot (treasure map system)
  • Axe item allowing access to boarded up rooms with high tier loot
  • Vaulting
  • Voice chat available for squad
  • New deployment system
  • On boarding elements: Dynamic tooltips added
  • Artifact system
  • A new mutant: the Wolf Matriarch
  • Wolf Matriarch Heart
  • Spore Artifact
  • New point of interest: Stadium


  • Updated anomaly effects, weather effects, and a variety of new shooting VFX
  • Improvement of heat VFX weather
  • Improved textures on specific elements

Performances improvements

  • Client performance improvements
  • Auto settings
  • Various client crash fixes
  • Performance optimization: huge work on LODs
  • Sounds improvements
  • Server capacity and repartition improvements

Quality of life improvements

  • Added Ultrawide support for 21:9 monitors.
  • Rebalanced the mouse sensitivities allowing players to better manipulate their settings.
  • A lot of new settings
  • Compass added
  • More sounds
  • Nvidia Highlight feature


  • 13 new languages (Russian, Simplified Chinese, Ukrainian, French, Italian, German, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Spanish)

The vast majority of the improvements and features listed above are entirely based on your feedback. That's why we'd like to extend a huge thanks to all of you for playing Fear The Wolves and posting feedback and reports on our community hub and official forum. We couldn't have done it without this small but dedicated player base who supported the team in the last few months.

In order to thank all of you for your precious support, we're happy to announce that 5000 in-game currency will be awarded to all early access players, as well as Alpha and Beta testers. There has never been a better time to come back and give a new try to the game if you’ve been disappointed by the Alpha or Beta sessions. That should help you to show off in our brand new customization set!


We can't wait to see you playing at launch with everything we've added into the game. Spread the word around as Fear The Wolves releases on February 6th and will be FREE for a week!

See you next week,
The Fear The Wolves Team

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尽快更新和发售, 需要广告让更多的人知道这款优秀的游戏

Finally it moved from 24 players within last 24 hours to 160.