CCL 22 and 23 will trial 2 minute turns.

I have not proposed anything. I am against the move to 2 minutes. Please stop trying to push this onto me: it's not my decision at all. All I'm doing is acknowledging and ensuring that the metrics don't change halfway through the test.

The evidence is that a majority of people seem to want it. I've made my own opinion of polls, their use, and this poll in particular, clear to the admin team, but if it is good enough for them then it's their call to make. Not mine.

I may quit Blood Bowl because of this change. The only teams I could play at that speed are dwarves. Just what CCL needs - MOAR DORFS!

@geryon said in CCL 22 and 23 will trial 2 minute turns.:

During the trial COL will be 3 minutes.

COL season 22 is still 2 minutes please fix asap.

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