M16A2 M16A4, why do they cost the same?

Just as it says. Why do they cost the same? Considering the A4 is completely superior in every way.

They're both cheap, they're both capable medium to long range, both have customization options to suit their purpose. I don't see what the point is of this complaint. If anything a complaint that the AKM is most undeniably a superior choice might be valid complaint.

@mainfold Not a complaint. Just asking why...

@plppln They have access to different customization options, so it's not a clear cut case of being completely superior.

@mainfold But the M16A2 only has access to a 3x and a 4x, whereas the A4 not only has more usable iron sights, but has the full array of optics available, including 4x scopes. Maybe if it were a full auto A1 or ironsighted C7 that had no available optics, but it's not.
I'd say it's pretty clear cut, the A4 is just better. I use the A2 for aesthetics, but I'm constantly cursing the tiny aperture I'm forced to use.

@jarv Iv found the 3x is pretty good. But then again in coop I use it as a bare bones build and pick up a bots AR.

@plppln Pretty clever use of it, basically using it to get the STANAG mags in your loadout, then just picking up enemy M4's and not having to resupply to have ammo! It's one of my uses for it, and instead spending supply points on different things in the loadout.

@mainfold Exactly! I use it as a 3 point way of getting an M4, Mk18 or M16A4 all with optics and STANAG compatibility. Means I can carry more explosives or other utility items.