Log Packing / Unpacking Bugs

This has been mentioned before and I also recently discussed this in the General Discussion, but in order for these bugs to not be missed or forgotten I figured they should be posted here as well:

  • Some logs, especially short ones, disappear when dropping a load, for example instead of the 4 that you used to pack the load you may get 3, requiring you to get more from a log kiosk. If the devs want to punish players for dropping a load, that's fine, but it should be made consistent with all log types.

  • Trailers don't require the minimum number of logs to pack if the main log carrier + what's in the trailer add up to the minimum. For example, a short log carrier + short log trailer should require 8 logs to pack both, but you can pack with just 5 (4 in the carrier + 1 in the trailer, if you pack the trailer first).

The bug is much worse and game breaking.

To fill up 2 lumber mills, all you need is 1 truck with a crane, short log carrier and short log trailer and only 4 short logs.

Load 2 logs on your truck and 2 on the trailer. Now you are already able to pack the first stack. Pack the carrier and drop load again. Now you have 4 logs on your truck and 2 on the trailer. Now pack your trailer and finally the truck.

And sadly you can use this bug further at the lumber mills.
Detach trailer. Deliver 3 points with your truck. Attach trailer, drop load. Lift 2 logs to your truck. And start the pack & drop procedure again.

This also works with 1 and 3 logs.

Community Moderator - MudRunner

i've never ran into said issues, are you playing on console?,are you using mods if its a pc version, do you use the DLC vehicles to achieve said bug... please be more specific with the reports @Hellrich @Unster

@forces Keep in mind we have 2 different issues here, both raised in my original post. Both are easy to reproduce. The disappearing logs bug you can reproduce with the B-130 in Proving Ground. Just pack a short log load, then drop load and you'll have some logs missing. BTW, I'm on a PC.

The other bug (packing with less than minimum if you have a trailer) is from ST since it's there too. I don't quite follow Hellrich's description, especially since logs disappear when you drop a load.

bump this is very annoying to not be able to recover a load especially when there is an achievement to to exactly that.

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