Log Packing / Unpacking Bugs

This has been mentioned before and I also recently discussed this in the General Discussion, but in order for these bugs to not be missed or forgotten I figured they should be posted here as well:

  • Some logs, especially short ones, disappear when dropping a load, for example instead of the 4 that you used to pack the load you may get 3, requiring you to get more from a log kiosk. If the devs want to punish players for dropping a load, that's fine, but it should be made consistent with all log types.

  • Trailers don't require the minimum number of logs to pack if the main log carrier + what's in the trailer add up to the minimum. For example, a short log carrier + short log trailer should require 8 logs to pack both, but you can pack with just 5 (4 in the carrier + 1 in the trailer, if you pack the trailer first).

The bug is much worse and game breaking.

To fill up 2 lumber mills, all you need is 1 truck with a crane, short log carrier and short log trailer and only 4 short logs.

Load 2 logs on your truck and 2 on the trailer. Now you are already able to pack the first stack. Pack the carrier and drop load again. Now you have 4 logs on your truck and 2 on the trailer. Now pack your trailer and finally the truck.

And sadly you can use this bug further at the lumber mills.
Detach trailer. Deliver 3 points with your truck. Attach trailer, drop load. Lift 2 logs to your truck. And start the pack & drop procedure again.

This also works with 1 and 3 logs.

i've never ran into said issues, are you playing on console?,are you using mods if its a pc version, do you use the DLC vehicles to achieve said bug... please be more specific with the reports @Hellrich @Unster

@forces Keep in mind we have 2 different issues here, both raised in my original post. Both are easy to reproduce. The disappearing logs bug you can reproduce with the B-130 in Proving Ground. Just pack a short log load, then drop load and you'll have some logs missing. BTW, I'm on a PC.

The other bug (packing with less than minimum if you have a trailer) is from ST since it's there too. I don't quite follow Hellrich's description, especially since logs disappear when you drop a load.

bump this is very annoying to not be able to recover a load especially when there is an achievement to to exactly that.

@Unster I am pretty sure the first of your problems is caused by a mod.
One mod I know that does that for sure is:
"Land Rover series III. by zidon"
I posted the bug back then in the workshop discussion, but the author never cared to fix it.
There may be other mods that cause this though.

The second bug is in fact there since SpinTires, but at least it is not gamebreaking unless you decide to exploit it.

@Brainy Interesting. I don't have that mod but I have others. Are you sure it's caused by a mod and do you have a fix? If there's something specific in the mod xml files that causes this let me know.

I am prety sure it's a mod.
I found it out by looking into the log file, there were lines with missing meshes.
I guess the author tried to override the short log model with an invalid one.

I just copied my post from that particular mod:

Disappearing short logs
I have a weird problem, when I have this mod installed.

Whenever I drop the load on any truck than carries short logs, some of the logs go missing.

I see the following lines in the log file:
04/28/18 18:50:00> Mesh| Cant load mesh 'meshes/models/pjt7q3op' - XML 'meshes/models/pjt7q3op.xml' not found.
04/28/18 18:50:00> Terrain| Cant load Models Brand pjt7q3op

I had a look at "classes/modesl/pjt7q3op.xml" and it seems that is it overriding the model for short logs, but has no corresponding mesh.

To test this, I deleted the file from the zip and it seemed to resolve the issue.

Found another one:

06/18/19 18:44:44> Mesh| Cant load mesh 'meshes/models/qm1opkop' - XML 'meshes/models/qm1opkop.xml' not found.

@Brainy But that doesn't explain why only some logs would disappear. If the mod was overriding the short logs and it was missing a mesh, then you wouldn't see any short logs. I'm pretty sure it's a game bug.

@Brainy thats a mod, some users may load parts from other mod folders and think they're in the right folder at the time of the upload, a thus they end up with missing files for the workshop release

@Unster It seems the game rolls a dice which model it chooses for each log. I can't say I understand what the game is doing, but the number of missing logs is always random and matches the number of errors in the log file.

Could you try the following:

  • Start the game with the "Shift" key on your keyboard pressed. That will create a log file under "C:\Users<user>\AppData\Roaming\SpinTires MudRunner\Log.txt"
  • Load proving grounds, spawn a truck that can carry short loads, load some shot logs, then drop them.
  • If you are missing logs, exit the game and look into the log file.
  • You should see a line "Mesh| Cant load mesh 'meshes/models/xxxxxx'- XML 'meshes/models/xxxxxx.xml' not found.
  • Now the only thing you have to do is find the mod that has this model.

@Forces Good to know how that happens. The author from the last mod I posted doesn't seem to understand the problem. He insists that everything is OK, though it's easy to prove that's his mod that's causing this. And I don't speak russian, so it's hard for me to explain it to him.

@Brainy Thanks for the info, and I just tried it. Surprisingly I can't get the missing logs bug anymore, and I did delete some mods recently so that's likely the reason.

@Brainy please refer to vanilla/stock game assets in this subforum

  • Missing files on a mod can be considered as users mistakes at the moment of the upload
  • Looking for the missing model is a waste if time because did mesh model won't be in the .zip file

My recommendation as moderator for you, is to try to contact the user who the mod and comment the error/issues you have
My recommendation as Mod Maker, don't look into the workshop file, comment the issue and wait for the fix patiently
My recommendation as user, most Russian mods from the workshop are re uploads so ignore it's flaws, it will never be fixed because they're not the makers

@Unster having to many mod will cause loading issues, game instability and fps drops

@Forces I am not sure what you mean with referring to stock assets?! (If you mean posting the link to the Steam workshop I am sorry, but I didn't find any rules about that.)
The OP had a problem that is caused by broken mods. I know that, because I encountered exactly this problem multiple times. I posted the two mods that I know about, in case the OP had one of them, so he doesn't need to uninstall all his mods. I subscribed to these mods myself because I wanted to try them out and later I realized later that my logs went missing on a completely different map.

I used the method I posted to identify the broken mods.
You are right, that you can't search for a missing file (because it's missing), but in this case only the mesh of the model is missing. So if you search through the zip files, you will find a file with name mentioned in the log file.

See these screenshots:

Op is talking about unloading the stock vehicles and loosing the needed amount for the re load of the load and you're talking about missing mesh files in a mod

A dropped log model isn't part of a mod, in fact the log models (dropped logs) are stock game assets (things that the game has as default)
You're looking at the appdata log.xml and guessing things but you're going in a wrong direction

The issue he has is more related to the log spawning position once you drop them, this is something I've been trying to fix via XML for a long time for both games, without any positive results... This code is broken only for Mudrunner because it's fixable in spintires tho

What you're looking in the mesh files could be anything from a add-on to a whole truck missing/wrongly renamed by the editor upload settings

The log.xml file actually loads all mods at the moment you fire up the game, so any missing/duplicated/broken mesh/truckxml/texture will be reflected in the file, this isn't a real guide of what to look for that is breaking the add-on/truck mod

Why mods aren't considered actual errors for a bug report?

  • because there are a billion reasons them to not work

And in my opinion any mod related issues must be posted by the maker in the modding topic so we the mod making community can help to fix it, any file from the workshop is virtually useless when posted from a user view, why? The editor removed the _templates codes and re formats the meshed so they vant be loaded to check the basics of mod making (cdts,parenting,bones)

so I strongly recommend you to contact the maker and let him know the error he has, from your position as user the nothing you can do because you don't really know if that mesh file is what you're looking for as the "fix" to your issue

@Forces Believe it or not I know a bit of what I am talking about.

The OP had reported two bugs.

The second one (being able to pack with less logs than required) is actually a game bug from SpinTires that never got fixed.

The first one (missing logs on drop load) is an issue that is caused by some mods (and not only truck mods, also maps can cause this). But it will happen on any map, with any truck (even the stock trucks), as long as you are subscribed to the broken mod! And that's the annoying thing, because you have to find the one mod that's causing this. You could unsubscribe from all of them and add them back one by one, or you could unsubscribe until it's fixed. But the more mods you have, the more painful this gets. I have been through this. That's when I started to dig through the log file, until I realized I could identify the broken mod from this. I never wanted to fix any mods, I just wanted to give the OP a way to identify which mod could cause this, so he could remove it. Obviously @Unster got lucky and removed the mod before even trying my method, but I am pretty sure it would have worked.

Again, you only need to be subscribed to the mod, you don't even have to use any vehicles or add-ons from it for the bug to occur! I agree, that these mods should be fixed and I tried to contact the authors of these mods, but they either say that nothing is wrong, or they just don't respond at all.

Also I just used zidons Landrover mod to play around a bit.
That mod has a "classes\models\pjt7q3op.xml" that's causing problems.
As long as you are subscribed to this mod, any short log truck (even the stock trucks) will miss some logs if you drop your load and you will get these errors:

Mesh| Cant load mesh 'meshes/models/pjt7q3op' - XML 'meshes/models/pjt7q3op.xml' not found.
Terrain| Cant load Models Brand pjt7q3op

These are the facts:

  • The time stamps of the error lines in the log file exactly match the time when I clicked on drop load ingame.
  • The number of error lines in the log file matches the number of missing logs.
  • Deleting the file mentioned in the log from classes\models\pjt7q3op.xml fixes the issue with disappearing logs. (And I haven't seen any problems with the mod itself after that).
  • Adding a mesh as _m\models_pjt7q3op.xml will spawn that item instead of the short log. I copied one of the spare tires in its place to see what would happen, and I got 3 logs and a tire, when i dropped the load.

Proving Grounds with a stock C-375:

@Brainy said in Log Packing / Unpacking Bugs:


It's interesting that the game uses such a unique file name to override the mesh for the short logs. Even though it appears this bug is caused by a mod, I'd say it's still partly a game bug as the game should be smarter about how it creates the short logs, especially on a stock vehicle. Anyway, thanks for your research and if I see the problem in the future, at least I'll have something to look for.

On a related topic, I've noticed some mods cause a missing xml file warning (when you click to reload any vehicle in the Proving Ground). I was never able to figure that out, but it doesn't seem to be causing any issues.

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