This has been mentioned before and I also recently discussed this in the General Discussion, but in order for these bugs to not be missed or forgotten I figured they should be posted here as well:

  • Some logs, especially short ones, disappear when dropping a load, for example instead of the 4 that you used to pack the load you may get 3, requiring you to get more from a log kiosk. If the devs want to punish players for dropping a load, that's fine, but it should be made consistent with all log types.

  • Trailers don't require the minimum number of logs to pack if the main log carrier + what's in the trailer add up to the minimum. For example, a short log carrier + short log trailer should require 8 logs to pack both, but you can pack with just 5 (4 in the carrier + 1 in the trailer, if you pack the trailer first).