panel with smaller size

How can I decrease the panel size in the vehicle's XML file? as in the photo, I want to get the panel and put on top but with smaller size0_1548871136092_mudrunner-gameplay5.jpg

In the trucks XML file, you will need to locate the following line of code:

			ControlsDiffuse="g(69; 66; 55)"
			ControlsPos="(0.425; 1.16; 0.42)"
			ViewPos="(-0.215; 1.964; 0.45)"

The 'ControlsPos' line dictates where the dashboard is. If you check the truck template XML in the "_templates" folder contained in the archive in the Mudrunner root directory, there may be a size line of code you can use to change the size of the dash board. It is possible, but I haven't needed to check my self so aren't 100% sure.

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If that doesn't work, and you don't mind not having the controls panel, just remove the ControlsPos line entirely and you won't get any panel. That's my preferred option for vehicles with no good place for it.

Strange that I have seen some smaller panels, I know I can remove, change the color, I just could not reduce the size, I will see if I find the mod that has a smaller panel to see what has changed, but if someone knows and can help.