Fleet command points and not being able to pick which ships to start off with.

So, I've got some really strong fleets, I'm working towards the end game of the first campaign, I'm renown level 14. But everytime I bring a fleet into battle, it seems to randomly pick what to actually start with.

So eventhough I've got this awesome Macragge's honour in my fleet, because I'm bringing more ships than I can take into battle at once, it will sometimes start off with that ship, but then sometimes it will not. This is kinda frustrating, because it's obviously a very powerful ship, and I like to start off with a lot of power and if need be, switch out to other ships as some of mine get hurt. Now, I have to fight with diminished power at first, and when I'm disengaging ships, it comes lumbering in at the edge of the screen.

Meaning that often times it will be out of the fight for even longer because it's a very slow ship.

How does the system work for picking starting ships? And more importantly, is this system going to change so people can pick what they want to start with? Because otherwise, this is just, well, as I said, frustrating.

Fleet limit caps at 1000, and Leadership caps at 1350. Meaning, you will have 1350 points worth of ships on the battlefield at any one time. This will first be filled up from your first fleet, than second, then third, until it hits that limit -- and it tries to meet this limit as closely as possible.

The best way I've found to work with the system is to have a set close-to-1000 pt. main fleet, and then a supporting fleet with a sub-350 flagship that's the most expensive aspect of its fleet (to ensure I've got the second leader on the field), and the rest of it filled with the exact same ship so there's never a gamble which reinforcements I get from it.

For example:
Main Fleet: Imperial Navy with Mars flagship, 2x Dominator, 2x Dauntless, 2x Firestorm (974 pts. total)
Support Fleet: Adeptus Astartes with Strike Cruiser Mk. I flagship, x2 Hunter, x3 Strike Cruiser Mk. III (918 pts. total)

Every fight will be guaranteed to start with the contingency of the first fleet (974 pts.) and the Strike Cruiser Mk. I along with the two Hunters from the second fleet (336 pts.) for a total of 1310 capacity. Every time I free up 194 pts. from emergency warps, I'm guaranteed to get a Strike Cruiser Mk. III from the reserves.

Another Example:
Main Fleet: Adepus Mechanicus with Dictator flagship, x2 Tyrant, x2 Defiant, x2 Nova (983 pts. total)
Support Fleet: Imperial Navy with Oberon flagship and x3 Dominator (898 pts. total)

You get the picture. It takes a bit of planning, but works fine.

@yorilo Sounds pretty cumbersome, especially when I've got this special Macragge's honour ship I'm talking about.

The problem is, unless I specifically cripple my primary Spire fleet, because it NEEDS to go on missions. My second fleet has the Macragge and one other ship.

I get what you're saying, but I'm just in a situation where I'm now throwing a coin and hoping that I start off with the Macragge's Honour and not the other ship in that second fleet. And having a whole fleet with just 'one' ship is silly. I have found no way to remedy this situation, sure I can limit my first fleet's total points more so I can possibly take both fleet 2 ships with me, but that's a workaround.

That's doing the same thing as just having a whole fleet with just one ship. Now if the Macragge was part of my primary fleet, I could see your plan working, but as it currently stands, you can't move ships own between fleets, so sadly that's not an option.

Now in another thread someone said that it will always try to use a second fleet and pick the commanding vessel first, but I have often found that not to be the case, because that would be the Macragge's honour and I've had engagements to test this out, where I used my main fleet (Unchanged) and the Macragge fleet with 2 ships.

It sometimes picks Macragge to join in, and sometimes the other ship, eventhough I didn't change anything about ship composition or haven't leveled up or anything.

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