DE Impalers

Currently the DE impalers on ships read as if they do 6 troop damage.

0_1548935414557_impaler tool tip.png

Upon testing them I noticed that they do not. Here a battleship launched 3 impalers and did 9 troop damage while a light cruiser launched 1 impaler and did 3 troop damage.

2_1548935414558_impaler troop damage.png

Upon launching the impalers, the impaler from the DE cruiser and light cruiser launch in a damaged state.

1_1548935414558_impaler torpedo health.png

Also unsure if this is a bug or was intentional, but the light cruiser and cruiser both only launch 1. Most likely it is supposed to launch 1 instead of 2.

With the beta patch, impalers are now doing the correct amount of troop damage but are still coming out damaged in light cruisers and cruisers unlike the battleship variant.