disable boarding mechanism until update fix

Kindly disable this thing until fixed, too many plebs abusing boarding the game is not enjoyable when 1 LC and a battleship can fully ''hulk'' a fleet of 3x cruisers and 2x battleships in 30 seconds without anyway to counter.

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The salt got in his eyes. Who is making such problems for you?

  • vs Nids
    If they board you, you've made mistakes. Accept the loss and use more escorts.

  • vs Orcs
    If they board you, you've made mistakes.

  • vs SM
    This one is more tricky, because of Honour the Chapter and them being a fast, rather durable fleet. To be honest, I dunno how to counter Honour the Chapter + Boarding Torpedoes + Boarding + swarms of Thunderhawks (that's how I use SM), unless I'm running a huge carrier fleet.

I'm not an expert, I've just started to learn how to properly counter Dark Eldar, but boarding besides 6+ SM vessels is just fine. I believe HtCh shouldn't be on escorts or LC maybe.

Some factions rely on it but their are counters. If they get you it means you fooked up. 😱 Just like when you get close to orks, they shoot you to death for example.

I play like 2 games a week, join -> both games all my fleet turns to hulks in a few seconds ->stop playing for the week.

I am not sure what I am supposed to ''learn'', I can take same factions and play the same broken cheese and win all the time, wheres the fun? In Beta2 I won all the games I played on Drukhari like that, then realized it's broken AF, other players couldn't counter at all.

If the only way to play is to kite all the time to survive then why play anything other than white space elves eh...

'salt' you say, all I want it not to play vs boarding plebs every game.

No idea. Watch AirSickHydra on youtube, he has a lot of games and good hints out there. I play regularly and find boarding serving it's purpose and role, and not OP unless on the SM build I wrote above. I simply cannot find a counter. The rest is doable.

Which faction is causing such problems besides SM?

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IN player no issue with boarding, I pray for your soul when you come across a dark eldar. There is a button to gain crew. Save your boarding and lighting strikes to recrew your ship. even if it takes a few tries, they have to waste their precious charges on keeping your ship inert. In the long game you will win cause they will be out of charges and you will have a full HP fleet with 3 guys manning it, killing all their ships. Seriously boarding is like ripping a bandaid, the initial sting hurts but after that its more of a bother.

A problem for me is that recrewing give only 1 troop no matter the ships sending troops, and 1 troop can be instant rehulked for additionnal system crit by any LS or a troop crit.
When recrewing, you should give the same mount of troops as if the number you would kill if you were doing an offensive move

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