First Update & Beta Branch Info

@imptastic Well, I have thirty(!!!) friends having bought this game. Asked them if they ran into a bug and only one did. A non-gamebreaking bug though where he had to restart the game. I for myself haven't run into one at all save for the missing text stuff. Remember, on the forums you of course get especially those people who ran into problems, because to help them is what the forum has been made for in the first place. The reviews are 76% positive which is pretty great for such a small studio.

A couple of visual bugs, and an issue with my saves no always loading. The saves still work after a few tries.

Other than that I'm very happy with the game, 129 hours in. Yeah there are balance issues, however Tind seem to be focused (pun intended) on working out the balance and bugs.

@ahriman said in First Update & Beta Branch Info:

The buff to Chaos lances is laughable.

I can not say about IN lances/zzzaps and others as I haven't tried them yet, though they might have benefited quite a bit due to their starting high crit chance.
But for Chaos who had only 1% crit chance to begin with it's a joke. If Chaos lances got a bigger crit bonus and increased damage, then they'd probably work a lot better. Maybe.

Crit in the game is normalized. Its simply a 4:1 damage to crit ratio for everything in the game except for lances which are now 2:1 damage to crit ratio.

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@romeo Fair enough, it's just that, I've been used to games going for like, 2 - 4 weeks without any significant updates, and one week in, we're already getting a lot of issues dealt with. I just imagine adding a whole new campaign or even saying you're going to add a new campaign when there's so many other issues and content to deal with, is pretty hard.

If this were any other company, I'd agree with you. Amplitude? For sure, I'd wait no problem. Creative Assembly? Not an issue. Stardock? I'd wait patiently with a smile.

But this is the same Tindalos who promised players of the first BFG that something was coming, just wait! A wait which went to two years - with not a god damned peep about what to expect - and ended up not being a fix for any of BFG's then-problems, but instead a complete do over. As a result, their current announcement of something is coming for a fourth campaign has about as much hope for me as world hunger ending tomorrow.

Thanks for this awesome update 🙂

@romeo I can understand your issues and sympathize with them. I'm one of those players who didn't even try the first game before, so I wasn't around for those issues. Though I know plenty of people that still enjoy the first game.

So I'm coming in here with a clean brush, though there's been mixed feelings about the first game and complaints and also compliments, I'm just focused on my experience with this game so far, and it has been mostly positive. There are hiccups, there are issues, but in general, I've had a really fun time playing it, and that's what I go for, having fun while playing a game!

I'm already enjoying myself, and there are promises of more, maybe those promises won't pan out, but regardless of that fact, I'm having a good time, so for me, it's already a win.

Do we have any ETA ? I love the changes and everything, but there arent enough people queueing to actually play the new mode most of the day.

Hey @imptastic ,
Sorry to hear you ran into problems there. The issue you describe regarding the Ork Cutscene should be fixed in the patch (and beta branch). Have you tried it yet?