BFGA 2 Campaign Feedback

Hello, so I just wanna give my feedback regarding single player campaign as I've been playing it for few days now and I wanted to give my input to the campaign to help improve the experience.

Note: Currently I'm playing in easy mode on cruise clash with urgency timer on.

  1. Admiral skill and upgrade

Right now in campaign, your admiral skill and upgrade are preset whenever you try to recruit them so you are unable to choose your desire skill and combination you want for your fleet play style. The thing that I love about the first BFG was the freedom you have to choose any skill and upgrade for your fleet. This is gone in campaign while in multiplayer you are able to choose the 2 admiral skill and upgrade you want in any combination. May I suggest that you give us the freedom and option to choose our skill and upgrade like multiplayer. Put in the option to click on the campaign, maybe above the add new ship option or click on the admiral portrait to have you edit the admiral skill and upgrade, make it have to pay a cost to reset/replace skill and upgrade like the first BFG, make the cost high, I don't mind but just give us the option to choose the skill and upgrade we want for our admiral.

  1. Invasion Balancing (Cruiser Clash/Domination)

I heard issues with people in steam forum getting invasion number as high as 3000 point. In my scenario I have only encounter invasion as high as 1600 point currently, while I don't mind it but playing on two different battle mode does give different difficulty. In domination you can easily win the invasion battle without having to deal with all 3000 point of ships but in cruiser clash you will definitely have to deal with all the ships. I don't have any idea how to balance invasion between this two mode unless you reduce the point in cruiser clash or put in a timer but I just wanna give my input that there is a different on balance issue regarding invasion on cruiser clash and domination.

  1. Some sectors evolution upgrades

I don't have a lot issue regarding this but some upgrade I do find unsatisfying, specifically on death world upgrade and some training outpost. Their description says they increase critical chance by 0/5/10% etc on ship created in the sector. This provide a problem in that ship that have been created before obtaining these evolution upgrade will not get the % and it force the player to revoke old ship just to build a new one with better critical chance stat on that sector. I hate that it encourages you to destroyer your old ship which you may have gotten it to rank crew 4 already in order for a new one rank 1 ship. I suggest the bonuses should also be given on previous build ship as long as you own the death world system.

  1. Urgency timer

A bit too late for me to say about urgency timer since you added the option to disable it, but i think urgency timer should have been tweak rather than entirely remove the option. It would have been better that instead of game over once it reaches full gauge that a special defending mission would occur at the end much like the exterminatus mission in BFG. That a huge enemy forces would attack on 1 random system to destroy it and if fail to defend, the system planet world bonus would simply be destroy. You would still be able to claim a destroy system for link of other system bonus but that destroy system don't have any bonus anymore to give to other sector/system and the urgency timer would reset on either fail or succeed on the special defending mission.

  1. Guard position

I know that this option doesn't have any functionality. That is why i wanted to suggest to give it a minor bonus whenever you put your fleet in guard position. I wanted to suggest that whenever you put your fleet in guard position that it would disable or consume its movement point but give some experience to ship crew rank like maybe increase a rank in 3-5 turn in guard position. The reason is I kinda have two different groups of fleet that gain experience differently. 1st is my main fleet that attack and do story mission and claim new system/sector and 2nd group to defend and station at previous sector. The 2nd group rarely have any battle to increase their rank while their is occasional invasion, they are too few for me to get them to level 4 and not all ship are able to participate in battle due to leadership limit therefore not gaining any experience. At most I was able to get some of my defending fleet at level rank 3. Having other way to level up ship rank would definitely help I think.

I think that is all the feedback I have currently. I still haven't finish my campaign so I may update this post with new ideas and hope dev at least read it. Also wanna give thanks for making this game, I have enjoy it for most part while I still miss some mechanic of the old game I still love playing the 2nd game. Cheers.

  1. Agree fully.
  2. Haven't played since the full release, so I can't comment there.
  3. Yes, that bugged me too. I don't like any of the "applies to this system/neighbouring system" ones, as they end up being worthless in some cases.
  4. Eh, for a "no work" option, I think we're in a good place there.
  5. They could change the name to "Ignore Fleet" or something, because that's what it is. Doing more requires work, and Tindalos is already playing catch up.

@admiral-lyonhart said in BFGA 2 Campaign Feedback:

r you put your fleet in guard position that it would disable or c

I think for position 5, it could perhaps provide a bonus to the defences in that system, like defensive platforms are a bit stronger, but it does automatically consume an extra turn after a fight. So when you defend, the enemy attacks, that whole fleet is then stuck in that system for a turn.

For invasion fleet, I am not sure but I think the invasion is composed of 1 to 3 fleets of the max leadership of your renown rank which means if you have farmed renown but not building fleets you will take a big hammer in your face.
It happens in my Necron campaign when I had to face 3 x 2400 pts invasion in different system at same turn

totally agree.

aaaaand we need direct replace flagship in 'build the new ships' interface.

Became level 2 and no cruser because not enough maximum points of fleet? What a terrible idea.

I'm playing on hard with a mix of cruiser clash and domination: the urgency timer is 'on'.

I think the urgency timer is good as it is in my opinion as it creates genuine urgency and a new layer of strategy as you look for jump worlds to take. Exterminatus wouldn't be as big a 'push' but I'm all for giving players options as to how they want to play.

We know the urgency timer + domination was how the game was meant to be played but some players are playing:

Total conquest with cruiser clash and urgency timer - this is essentially close to impossible on hard as domination does allow you to beat those larger fleets by taking capture points. I doubt you will even have time for total conquest with the urgency timer on and cruiser clash on with hard setting as your fleets will take too much attrition even with warping out and you have repair limits.

I think in general with the urgency timer on you are not playing towards a total re-conquest but a strategic cherry picking and noticing that some worlds are worthless (other than jump points/safe harbours). I have avoided the massive enemy fleets mostly and picked my battles (I. E attacking a point after another AI fleet has whittled the numbers down). Interesting I'm not sure if it's the game 'helping' but the world's with mission markers rarely have the massive fleets on them or if they do they are not static so you just have decisions to make.

Long and short of it is that if players want to re-conquest every region, turn urgency off and if you are playing hard you want domination on and cruiser clash off.

I like the way the game was designed to be played, the story and special missions make it interesting rather than the grind of say total war.

Lol ok I guess I'll concede with urgency timer =p, reworking it probably would take a lot of work and turning the option off is a better substitute right now. I love conquering all the planets and getting all the buff and I'll be planning to play it on hard mode in the future for those achievement and turning it off would definitely help ease the difficulty curve. Originally I was gonna play hard with urgency on but after seeing some people's campaign on hard and Mystic_Taboo's words, it will be more enjoyable for me with its off probably.

But I do hope they consider my suggestion on admiral skill and upgrade. I really want to build my fleet with some of the specific skill and upgrade like multiplayer and it would make the campaign 10 times better.

Im currently nearing the end of my hard mode campaign with urgency meter on, and for some reason even though i chose the "random" battle option, i ONLY get cruiser clash.. and yeah EVERY invasion after around turn 60 for me is about 3600, and almost every enemy system has around 2400-3600 points on it.

But hands down the BIGGEST absolutely most game breakingly annoying thing in this campaign is lack of control over what ships get deployed. For example i have the space marine titan ship, which is 579 points, with a strike cruiser 1 which is like 250, with a second fleet that has 1 battle barge mk 1 at 490 points, and two strike cruiser 1s at around 250 each as well. Now what i would like to have is for the space marine titan and the battle barge to be deployed along with 1 cruiser, which comes to just shy of my 1350 point cap.. but instead i get the barge and 3 cruisers or some shit like that. The only way i actually get to make sure the titan is deployed is if i ONLY have points equal to the cap or less with both fleets combined, which ofc means i have no reserves which makes dealing with these 3600 point fleets nearly impossible.
Where is the sense in having no control over what ships from your fleet actually get deployed??? its so dumb and honestly infuriating, especially given that these enemy fleet are so large the game is clearly telling you that you need to jump out wounded ships continously during the fight to replace them with reserves which means you ideally wanna have every fleet at full capacity, bring say 3 full 1k fleets to a battle, but you get NO SAY WHATSOEVER in what ships you start the match with or which ones come on when one dies or jumps out PLEASE FIX THIS I LOVE THIS GAME BUT THIS IS KILLING ME!

Or even just kick up the cap to something that will allow for epic fleet battles.

I hacked my saves to run at 3500 fleet points. It's quite playable though very chaotic... and is a lot of fun to see this vast fleet on screen just storming over the foe like a wave of death.

And believe me, you haven't had "fun" until you've had to deal with a 3000 point ork invasion... all at once.

Their ships are so dense that several escorts will die just due to being rammed by their own capitol ships, and you can actually score torpedo hits by just pointing your ships in their direction and firing them off.

Which in my mind... is the most Orky thing ever and is exactly how Orks should play as the AI!

It's obscene and it is hilarious. And it'll kill you ass quick if you let them overrun you... and it's very hard to keep them from overrunning you.

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In the campaign, Orks are already ramming and shooting torpedoes on themselves.
I don t understand why people want so much points that they can t manage anything but its always a good idea to let people choose at the begining of a campaign what limits in leadership/fleet points they want to play

@beernchips Oh, as long as you're willing to kick down the speed every once in a while in order to get your bearings is manageable. A bit of a trial at times, but it really does manage to capture the frantic nature of combat rather well.

It would also make coop much MUCH more worthwhile as you'd be able to spread it around.

Ork AI is hilarious in particular, just sailing in one snaking convoy into nova cannons and ramming each other. On domination matches they will be so fixated on the points that they ignore your fleet.

Respect for getting close to the end of the campaign on hard, I'm miles off, found the chaos champion missions hard to get done in the time span with the urgency meter on. Luckily I have breathing space now as only need three fleets of 950 or more over marines, mechanicus and imperium for the next mission. Just taking a break to capture scarus system and hoping to do some side missions

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