eldar torpedos

@Davie 6 torps on a cruiser still do more than 8 from a retri lmao. The torps are unavoidable against a good cw player.

@cowgomoo Hey, whoa, we have only 3 charges when the empire and the rest mostly have 2 types and at least 6, the same with fighters, there are only 2 types without fighters, and you want to cut them, I would just remove the rest factions 50 armor limit for their torpedoes so that they would not be offended, and then the damage from a full volley of Navi torpedoes is too small, these torpedoes should be damaging, by the way in the first beta when the armor was not considered to be the most powerful torpedoes from the tau, because I I agree to get torpedoes Navi need on the ability to spend more than the Eldar of the slow rotation speed of the ship,

Nobody is debating if Eldar torps are overpowered. They are extremely overpowered. Its just a matter of determining exactly what the best fix should be.


I just do not want the situation with the first game to be repeated when the eldar nerf is too strong, or the situation when I have only one meta because everything else is a piece of shit. But I agree strangely that the Eldar torpedoes ignore all the armor, oh and by the way about the improvements to the torpedoes, I would add that the upgrade does not cancel the state and would do more damage to the crew, you know, Eldar has not many ways to harm the crew better, well, it is in a compartment with a torpedo nerf, and then tell me now what I ask OP for OP