As title, revoking a level 4 Dauntless Mk. II.
alt text
EDIT: Same issue re-occurs in Shipyard Menu regardless of faction. If you ESC-key out of Shipyard Menu while the message is up (to return to Sector View) and then go back into the Shipyard Menu via the 'New Ship' button, the 'Are you Sure?' confirmation window remains. There is no confirmation window for Revoking a ship from Ship View Menu.

What I mean by Shipyard Menu:
alt text

What I mean by Ship View Menu:
alt text

Oddly, while testing this, in the Ship View menu (Cadian Sector) I could see a 'Create New Fleet' option hovering in the background, as can be seen above.

DOUBLE-EDIT: Just noticed that a Beta Branch Feedback subforum had been added. If this thread could be moved there, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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