Bug/Help! - Cursor and Resolution issue

Hey everyone
I'm having an issue with my game where my cursor point is not where the actual cursor is. I have to hover to the right and up a bit to select items.
It will now no longer let me adjust settings, including video and resolution. If i can get the right settings selected i cannot click Apply, clicking the button does nothing.
Resetting to defaults did not resolve, re-install of the game did not resolve. This happened while in game, a button press triggered window mod and on changing the settings back i got the issue.

Any help appreciated!

Here's a quick screen shot, with the resolution not showing (click a resolution leaves the selection blank , even if i could apply the changes)


For anyone having this issue it is related to the fullscreen bug thats been going on since beta.
Took forever but if you can find a way to get your game back into borderless window it will fix the problem.

Took me about 30 minutes of trying to apply video changes before it work hang in there!